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Claire Pearson

Bunker Hills, Wadsley Bridge

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Has anyone heard of this place?  I can't find it on any map or Google search.  1901 baptism.  Have used census as well but can't match it up with the maps.

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According to a newspaper report in 1907, five stone built houses were for sale at Bunkers Hill, Wadsley Bridge. The site is within a three minutes

walk of Wadsley Bridge Railway Station.

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In 1901 the census enumerator walked as follows:

Railway Hotel, Penistone Road, Crossley Mount, Crossley View, Trafalgar Place, Rose Bank, May Buildings, Bunkers Hill, Vine Cottage, Fishers Building, Rock House (now at top of Maidstone Road), Mount Pleasant, back to Bunkers Hill, Pheasant Inn, Fairest Houses

1901 map of the area:



Quite difficult as few of the houses/terraces have their names marked on the maps, though some have their names engraved on plaques on their frontages. My best guess would be that Bunkers Hill was (is?) somewhere near Trafalgar Road.


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I’d agree with that and I’d hazard a guess at the hill that is shown in the blue circle on the 1905 map below. Using the details from the 1901 census enumerator above and marking the buildings that we can identify, by process of elimination, I reckon that Bunkers Hill must be here or abouts?

  1. Railway Hotel
  2. Penistone Road
  3. Crossley Mount
  4. Crossley View
  5. Trafalgar Place
  6. Rose Bank
  7. May Buildings
  8. Bunkers Hill
  9. Vine Cottage
  10. Fishers Building
  11. Rock House
  12. Mount Pleasant
  13. Bunkers Hill
  14. Pheasant Inn
  15. Fairest Houses

Of course, I’d welcome anyone’s opinion otherwise....



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