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Paint stripper

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Pitsmoor Col

Hi, can anyone recommend a good paint stripper, I have to strip some wooden garden furniture I have tried some water based stuff but it's next to useless, a complete waste of time. It doe's not do as it say's on the tin..thanks in advance.....

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Yes, paint stripper no longer works since they stopped basing it on methyl chloride.  However methyl chloride (dichloromethane) is readily available from suppliers on ebay for £9 a litre, although it would need to be put into "gloopy" form to stick to the paintwork, perhaps add to the remains of the water based stripper, or find something like cat litter or porridge oats to hold it.  But take care not to breathe the fumes and don't get it on your skin!

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Suggest you'd might consider investing a fiver in this, just to give it a try?


500ml should be enough to give you an idea if it works or not and how far it goes, so if it does the job, 2+ bottles would be four quid each.

Not used it myself, but the reviews seem pretty encouraging???

Other than that, if your furniture comes apart and you can reduce it into fairly flat sections, you could ask a door stripping firm for a quote? It won't be cheap, but they use some seriously strong chemical brews, which should shift the (varnish?) off your furniture.

A couple of options for you.....

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