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student nurse

Hi, haven’t been on here for a fair few years.... my dad (tsavo) was chief projectionist at this cinema in the late 60s when it opened. I presented the lady mayoress with a posy of flowers in 1968 when it was officially opened. I know it was in the papers but how do I get a copy of the photograph of me presenting the posy. I was 4 at the time. Many thanks in advance.

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Go to the Central Library .... Local History Dept. and ask to see copies of the Star (or Telegraph) for the date you want. They have them all on microfiche , so it’s easy to scroll through them.

When you find the photo, make a note of the date and the page number it’s on, then, go along to the Star offices and ask if it is still possible to get a copy of the photo.

If they can’t, you can always get a photocopy of the page from the library.

Good luck with this. 

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