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Filmed in Sheffield - Wings Of Mystery (1962)

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25 minutes ago, tozzin said:

This is one of the films that was on Talking Pictures in the early hours a few weeks ago. Filmed in Sheffield starring Arnold Ridley-


Thanks for posting, actually quite enjoyed watching it.

Any idea as to where some of this footage was actually filmed?

The train station footage looked like it was possibly filmed at St. Pancras, but the steelworks footage does look a lot like English Steel.

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Just now, tozzin said:

It's definitely ESC but I couldn't pinpoint any other locations BUT the Yorkshire accent was chronic.

Takes years of practise, and you've either got it, or you ain't. lol

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I think the clue may be the sign " English Steel Corporation" on the wall at Brightside Lane.

This was the entrance I used to go in, through the gate was the Siemens open hearth melting shop shown in the film. I remember the small shunting engines as well.

I guess the other location was the South Machine Shop, lots of big lathes in there.

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I might be a million miles away, but the opening scenes to me, just feel like they were filmed around Wincobank Common. The Jenkin Road - Newman Road kind of area.

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6 hours ago, shizzle said:

Maybe old Parkwood area as well ?


Douglas Road, Charlie Watson's shop on the corner, number 1 the chip shop next to the bridge, and the train sheds on the left.


I like the car chase, it goes up a dead end Beatrice Place with a twenty foot wall at the end, and comes down Vale Road another dead end.

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On 08/02/2018 at 00:01, shizzle said:

The police chase scene near the end looks like the bottom of Douglas Road, Parkwood



Good work!


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