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Sheffield History

The history of Sheffield Megatron

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Sheffield Megatron.jpg


So years ago the area around Pond Street / Ponds Forge seemed pretty unusable due to flooding and water.

This video shows the history of Megatron as well as what it looks like today thanks to this chaps fantastic urban underground exploration. The fantastic thing about this video is how descriptive he is as well as his explanation of Megatrons fantastic history, including the railways buying the rights to the River Sheaf and River Porter? 

If that's true then that's a startling fact that I bet many Sheffielders aren't aware of

Anyway have a watch. It's a fascinating journey underneath the Sheffield Train Station and beyond to the amazing Sheffield Megatron

We've recommended videos in our time here on Sheffield History but we'd definitely recommend watching this fella. Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and journey deep under Sheffield to Megatron



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