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Help Needed With History & Stories Of Area Around Bramall Lane Ground


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I’m researching Sheffield United's Bramall Lane and would like to explore the history and folklore of the area around the ground.

Are there any interesting stories (people, families, companies, works, pubs, local legend etc.) that have emanated from the area over the last few centuries? The history of the Bramall Lane ground itself is well documented but the lesser known past of the surrounding neighbourhoods might be better illuminated by the collective knowledge of local historians, researchers, enthusiasts and residents.

Thanks in advance for your time and any responses.

Incidentally, I am using the following reference books for my ground research. If there are other recommendations, I'd love to hear them. 

  1. Before and After Bramall Lane: Sheffield United Cricket Club and Yorkshire Cricket in Sheffield
  2. The story of cricket at Bramall Lane : The end of an era 1855-1973
  3. Bombs Over Bramall Lane: Growing Up in 1940s Sheffield
  4. 150 years of Bramall Lane
  5. Football Grounds of Britain (Simon Inglis)


I’ve also tried to find Bramall Lane, 1855-1955 by C. M Marston,  with no luck.

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