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Anyone remember Sarsaparilla ?

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In the early 50's my parents would take me to the pictures every Saturday night. Either the Woodseats Palace, Chantrey, Heeley Palace, Heeley Colosseum or Heeley Green. But by far my favourite was when we went to the Abbeydale and called in the Sass shop for a drink beforehand. It was designed like a pub snug bar and it felt very grown up and decadent to a 6/7 year old.

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I understand that the main ingredients of Sarsasparailla have actually been found to cause liver cancer.  I drank quite a few at the Temperance Bar on Abbeydale Road in the 50s but I’m still around. Maybe that’s because I didn’t follow it up with copious quantities of WAARds’s and STUOWENses. ?    But it felt quite “grown up” to park your push bike after a couple  of hours  “tracking” in Hutcliffe Woods and order “a pint please” when you were still only 15 years old!

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