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Buses to wartime London.

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Waterside Echo

By October 1940 many of our capitals buses had been damaged or destroyed by enemy bombing. The Transport Ministry appealed to operators around the country for the loan of any surplus vehicles that could be made available. Amongst many others Sheffield sent a sizable contingent of AEC Regents, though they were returned by December 1940 due to our losses in the Sheffield blitz. I have not been able to find any snaps those buses whilst they were down there, though I did come across ex Sheffield Leyland Titan 180 circa 1930, WE 8780.  W/E.

london 016.JPG

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Just an odd comment. When they returned an oval plaque had been fixed downstairs on the bulkhead behind the drivers cab. At this range l forget the exact wording ( forgot to make a note at the time in case l needed to quote seventy some years on) but it was to the effect that this bus had seen service in London and the date. The plaques stayed on but ultimately  you realised the were no longer there. 

Later Sheffield borrowed from them and other operators for similar reasons. Open staircases reappeared briefly. My best memory is of being stranded on Froggatt Edge fully loaded when a purple Yorkshire Woolen District bus ran out of fuel late one Sunday evening. 

Civilian photography was banned so l don't  suppose there any photos of the visitors either.

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