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Sheffield History

Here's what was there before the Hole In The Road was built

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5 hours ago, Paul Watkinson said:

I'm new on here can't find answer when was the hole-in-the -road built&why?how did it come to be in the first place ?

The Hole in The Road opened on 27 November 1967, from memory it was the time when the council had a plan for a fast moving circular traffic system and thought that pedestrians were best to cross roads underground, hence subways all over the place.

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As a student in Sheffield, I banked at the Midland Bank, High Street, which of course, as many of you will recall, had subterranean pedestrian access directly out of The Hole in the Road, like a number of other surrounding business premises. Rackham's had such similar access, I am sure, and possibly also, C. & A. Like many students at that time, much of my financial outlay was expended in beverages of an alcoholic nature, and when overdrawn, the Midland Bank used to write to me on many an occasion, asking me, not always too politely, to bring my account back into credit. I have therefore, always thought it poetic justice of the most eloquent kind, that the said Midland Bank is now an hostelry itself.

What existed before The Hole in the Road was built was in part, this. The single story flat roofed building adjoining the Walsh's - Rackham's building contained the gent's outfitters Willerbys at the end nearest to Walshs (of which it may have been a franchise) and next-door to that Marsdens, (what today might be called a 'fast food restaurant'. Both depicted by arrows. The occasion, for those that are interested, is 02/10/1960, the penultimate weekend of tram working in Sheffield, and the tram-car depicted, No.513, was one of the two Robert's tram-cars specially repainted as part of the 'last week celebrations', and it is seen here, taking part in an enthusiasts special event.

PT097-Sheffield Transport No.513-High Street, Sheffield-02-10-1960 - Web Copy.jpg

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