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bvxdfcghjkl.JPGJust to simplify things we ended up getting peak and off peak fares. What a comical joke that was. Just one example, off peak fares started at 18.00, the service from CBS to High green left at 17.55, the next stop being the top of Angel Street where the fun and games started. There would always be at least thirty or so passengers at that stop and no one wanted to be at the front of the queue, it would then usually be around 17.58 and peak fares were still in force. Every one knew that the last few in the queue would qualify for off peak fares and the tactics used to delay proceedings were unbelievable. The official stance on this was to pinch time from CBS so as to collect an extra £4 or so, but I found it easier to leave it up to the passengers and give them what they asked for, it was worth it, just to see the smile on their faces.  W/E.

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