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Hello everyone, love this site lol , I wonder if anyone can help me, friends of mine have and are having some strange goings on in their home, things moving, sound of children playing and laughing, scraping noises in the attic and a shimmering blue light on the steps to the attic, a guest staying in the attic was grasped by what he can only describe as a large man wearing boots! It has got to the the point where their (grown up) children will no longer enter the house if they are alone. Now to the history bit! Their home was built on the site of Stubbin House or farm as it was later known, in Deepcar, the cellars to the old house are located in their front garden as verified by council workers a number of years ago and a next door neighbour discovered a gravestone in their back garden! Sadly this has been used as a step and set inscription down so we cannot find out who it was for. I have trailed the census's only to find numerous past inhabitants the Brearleys, Greaves, Bramalls and Ibbotsons, the Ibbotsons had numerous children and a couple of them died in their late teens whilst living there. I desperately want to find out more about the old house and it's history but don't know where to look.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. :rolleyes:

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