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As the originator of the Sheffield Pubs history A-Z (I have nearly 10 years of work invested in those lists) I would appreciate an update to your link, it should read SheffieldHistory and not Sheffield Forums.

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No problem and now done, here are some records from newspapers, not sure what you already have. I will add them to http://pubhistory.co.uk/Yorkshire/Sheffield/index.shtml as I find time:

Sheffield News
Sheffield Independent 17 May 1856
#Kelvin Grove Hotel, Infirmary road, Samuel Pearson to Mark D son, retailer of beer
Golden Fleece, New Haymarket, Wm law to Thos Bishop, publican
#New Inn, Duke street, Park, Joseph Jennings to Thomas Morton
Royal Exchange, Garden street, Esther Axon to Samuel Dawson, table knife cutler
Plough Inn, Attercliffe, Mary Ramsden (late Lee, Widow) to her husband, Joseph Ramsden
#Barrel, Duke Street, Park, Joseph Butler to Henry Rodgers
Windsor Castle, Silver Street, Walter Exley to Thomas Exley, razor grinder
Queens Hotel, Thomas Bishop to Peter Gaskill, coal agent
#Brown Cow, Trippet Lane, George Gregory to Alfred Capper, tilter
Red Lion, Hatshead, assignees of John wylde, a bankrupt, to Job Bradley
Globe Tavern, Porter street, Charkes Burley to Wm Memmott, saw maker
#Ball, Furnace Hill, Henry Dean to Thomas Allender, beerhouse keeper
Ring of Bells, Peacroft, George Wilson to Thomas Kirk
Odd Fellows Arms, Pitt street, Edward Smith to Mary Lindley, Widow
#Corner Pin, Wicker, from executors of James Furniss to Henry Rhodes, coal merchant
#Falcon, Peacroft, John Merchant to John Haywood, file forger
Little Tankard, Westbar, Edward Pinder to Joseph Storr
Sheffield Independent 5 April 1856
Peacock inn, Hoyle street, Wm Dawtry to Henry Short
Rockingham arms, Rockingham street, Mary Longden to Samuel Cooper
Royal Oak, Holis Croft, Thomas Smith to Josph Carnall, saw handle maker
Three Tuns, Silver street, Harry Teasdale to James darling
#Black Boy, Baily lane, John Shaw to Thomas Bowling, file maker
Queen inn, Nether Hallam, Wm Maxfield to Wm Hubbard
Windsor Castle, Silver street, Henry Birley to Walter Exley, pork butcher
#George and Dragon, Westbar, George Thompson to Francis Poole, late of Hull
Ring of Bells, Pea Croft, John Rhodes to George Wilson, house painter
Stag Inn, Nether Hallam, henry Chapman to Greaves Armitage, anvil maker
Ball Inn, Nether Hallam, Joseph Peadson to Wm Gill, bone scale cutter
#Cross Daggers, Westbar green, Mary Madden to Joseph Hawley
Ball Inn, Duke street, Park, Daniel Camcy to John Hanson
Sheffield Independent 19 February 1859
Napier Hotel. Sheffield Park, Alfred Newton to Joseph Hodgkinson
Wine Vaults, Union street, Thos Wm Ordish to Charles Baines
Rose inn, Nether Hallam, Joseph Redfern, assignee of Samuel Mosley, insolvent, to John Duffin, smith
Nags Head, Nags Head yard, Wm Topham to SAmuel Tomlinson, fishmonger
Victoria Hotel, Jericho, Jas Gleadall to Ann Leonard
Tankard and Punch Bowl, Broad street, Park, Stephen Fisher to Wm Brown, grocers assistant
Black Bull, Hollis Croft, Benj Hallass to John Wm Allwood
New Inn, Duke street, Park, John and Luke Mather to JOhn Greenbough
Basin Tavern, Blast lane, Martha Lunn to Thos Askin
Shakespere, Sycamore street, Samuel Oldfield to Wm Greasley, coach paintr
New Inn, Ecclesall Bierlow, Wm Morton to Henry Crossley
Brown Cow, Brightside Bierlow, Wm Heath to Thos Barston
Cossack Inn, Howard street, Samuel Gregory to Henry Allen
Princess Hotel, Eccleshall Bierlow, Mary Barratt, executrix of Peter Barratt to herself
George and Dragon, Bank street, Mary and Jas Wescoe, executors of Geo Wescoe to Mary Wescoe
Sheffield Independent 17 May 1862
Ball Inn, Furnace Hill, Thomas Allender to Enoch Bateman, edge tool hardener
Wellington Innm Coalpit Lane, assignees of George Hanson to John Martin, edge tool maker
Crystal Palace, Tenter street, Wm Henry Ellis to Jbez Phoenix
Coach and Horses, Wate lane, George Dawson to Robert Bradley
Punch Bowl, Spring street, Isaac Kirk to Edmund Darwent, joiner
Golden Ball, Townhead street, Harriet Hitchen and executors of late Eliza Hitchin, to Richard Gregory, railway spring maker
Chandos Hotel, Rockingham street, Joseph Smedlry to Charles Jepson, cutler
Royal Oak, Allen street, Joseph Mellor to James Ridge
Britannia Tavern, Portobello street, Benjamin Moxon to Jonathan Dungworth, saw handle maker
Three Whitesmiths, Bridge street, Elizabeth Pickering to Mary Ann Mearbeck, widow
Blue Bell, Attercliffe, Elizabeth Congreave to Wm Foster
Hallamshire Hotel, Lydgate Lane, assignees of Henry Sanderson to James ragg, quarryman
Old London Apprentice, Westbar Green, assignees of Charles Carr to William Boyd, of Liverpool
Devonshire Arms, Eccleshall road, Robert Horton to Sarah Radford
Brown Cow, Wicker, W Royston to Chas Baths
Sheffield Independent 22 November 1862
Sheffield Arms, Meadow street, Sarah Pinchon to Henry Bingham, of Staveley
Three Cranes, Queen street, Alfred Nuttall to Samuel Naylor
Wharncliffe Arms, West street, Mark Martin to Edward Milner, cutlery maunufactirer
Ball, Grimesthorpe, Thomas Shaw to James Hall
Crown and Cushion, Old street, Park, George Outram to Wm Birks
Sportsman Inn, Marcus street, William Staniforth to William Trelfa
Sportsman Inn, Thomas street, Charles Thorpe to George Thorpe
Grapes Inn, Queen street, Philadelphia, J T Sanderson to Thomas Shepherd
Brown Cow, Wicker, administratrix of late tenant to Mary Batho
Ball, Garden street, Mary Shaw to Samuel Shaw
Eatons Dinig rooms, High street, William Eaton to Mary Eaton
Sheffield Independent 28 March 1863
Imperial Hotel, Robert street, Aaron Revill to John Wilkinson
Stags Head, Carver street, William Exley to henry Sayles
Old Crown Inn, Brightside, George Brunt to Wm Mannfield
Washington Arms, Washington road, Benj Beeley to Chas Beeley
Kelvin Grove Hotel, William Greaves to John Charlesworth
Basin Tavern, Blast Lane, Matthew Ridgway to George Brigley
Brown Cow, Wicker, Mary Batho to George Greaves
Greaves Hotel, Orchard street, Harvest lane, Stephen Fisher to Thomas Morton
Albion Tavern, Elizabeth West, administratrix of Joseph West, deceased, , to hersel
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 13 MAY 1865
Bowling Green, Brightside, John Naylor Mills to Isaac Morris
Royal Oak, Pond street, Sarah Ann Horncastle to John Younge
Rawsons Arms, tenter street, Wm Severn to Joseph Hoole
Harrow, Harvest Lane, Samuel Smith to George Sedgwick
Queens Hotel, Langsett road, Sarah phoenix to Alfred Peat
Queen Hotel, Brightside, Wm Lyon to John Trickett
Sportsman, Brightside Bierlow, to Mary Wragg
Union Inn, Eccleshall Bierlow, William Dain to Job Bradley
Hare and Hounds, Trinity street, Thomas Hobson to David Newbound
Nags Head, Nags Head Yard, Alfred Peat to James Green
Prince of Wales, Egerton street, John Marshall to George Hudson
Ram Inn, Eccleshall Bierlow, James Jarvis to Isaac Hudson
Angel Inn, Angel street, Frederick Wilkinson to John North
Red Lion, Cambridge street, to William Westram
Portobello Tavern, Wm Bocking to James Musgrove
Red Lion, Nether Hallam, Thomas hawksley to Martha Robinson
Red Deer, Pitt street, John Wallis to Thomas Wragg
Cromwell Viewm Brightside Bierlow, Betsy Taylor to Mary Thompson
Red House, Solly street, to Thomas Park
Sheffield Independent 24 June 1865
Royal oak, Cemetery road, George Ryalls to James Rudd
#Golden Cock, Broad street, Park, John Oldfield to Joseph Garnett
Five Alls, Nether Hallam, William Cotton to John Marshall
#Barrell, Water lane, Joseph Garnett to John Hoult
#Albert Inn, Sutherland street, execurors of late William Smith to Elizabeth Smith, his widow
Porter Tavern, Sharrow Vale, administrtrix of William Dungworth to Sarah Dungworth
#Bell Hagg Inn, Upper Hallam, John Twigg to William Woodhouse
#Greaves Hotel, Harvest lane, Robert Haxtom to Timothy Ackroyd
Wharncliffe Arms, West Street, Edmund Milner to john Merrin
Royal Exchange, Garden Street, Archibald Swan to Edward Cripps
Royal Lancers, Penistone road, William Gosling to henry Walker
Bridge Inn, Brightside, William Charlesworth to Ann Rushton
Talbot Inn, Cricket road, Sophia Tittcomb to Henry Albert Tittcomb
Sportsmans Inn, Ecclesall, William Clark to Walter Sergeant Sutton
Prince of Wales, Division street, James Deller to Ann Green
Station Inn, Brightside, Mary Johnson to Henry Dransfield
Hillsbro Inn, Nether Hallam, Benjamin Hague to John Barnes
#Barleycorn Tavern, Cambridge street, Emma Sanderson, administratrix of George Sanderson, to George Topham
#Barrel Inn, Pinstone street, Robert Sampson to Henry Bell
Sheffield Independent 20 February 1869
Franklin Hotel, Sharrow lane, to Sarah Green
#Ball Inn, Carver street, to Elizabeth Ambler
Mermaid, Orchard street, to Sarah Ann Lee
Duke of Wellington, Infirmary road, to Joseph Thornton
Crow Inn, Heeley, to Maria Todd
White Horse, Copper street, to Wm Beighton
#Bridge Inn, Hereford street, to Catherine Barnes
Harlequin, Johnson street, to Wm Drake
Crown, Brightside, to Geo Ashforth
Red Lion, Smithfield, to Wilfred Beard
Theatre Tavern, Arundel street, to John Frederick Thorpe
Hussar, Scotland street, to William Henry Gibson
Railway Hotel, Nursery street, to James Langstaffe Mountain
Wellington Inn, Cambridge street, to Henry Robinson
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 2 August 1869
Kelvin Grove, Nether Hallam, Ann Charlesworth to Wm Wright
Brown Cow, Brightside Bierlow, John Coldwell to Harry Thompson
Cup Inn, Watery street, John Frith to James Pickard
Royal Oak, Allen street, Thos Hewson to Joseph Tommins
Three Horse Shoes, Norfolk street, Edward Weldon to J T Hagger
Queen, Saville street, Brightside Bierlow, Richard Arliss to Robert Kay
Great Gun, Brightside, David Bancroft to Rihard Bathe
Royal Exchange, Garden street, Edward cripps to Thos Brookes
Vine Hotel, pea Croft, W R Leanby to Thomas Howson
Wine Vaults, Snig Hill, R Bathe to James hartshorn
Manchester Hotel, Brightside, Thomas Lowe to Jonathan Oxley
Merry Heart, Brightside, Mary Ann Hodgson to William Watson
Ball Inn, Nether Hallam, James Woodhouse to John Dale
Barrel Inn, Eccleshall, George Andrews to george Lambert
Hare and Hounds, Trinity street, John Lee to Henry Cowboy
Burnt Tree tavern, Hoyle street, Geo Marsden and Joshua Waddington to Joseph Tingle
Old Feathers, High Street, Park, Samuel Booth to Joseph Y Younge
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 25 June 1870
40 Chapel Street, Culy Tagg to Job Caddick
Oddfellows Rest, 53 West street, Sarah Atkinson to Verdon Warren
Rovers Rest, Allen street, Isaac Nodder to James Buzzer
Pheasant Inn, Orchard street, Harvest Lane, George Green to George Allsop
Nags Head, Shalesmoor, William Appleton to Ann Tilley
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 11 January 1873
Little Swan, Edmund Street, Thomas Fletcher to Wm Sharpe
Bailey lane, Wm Baker to Wm Siddall
Royal Hotel, West street, Mary Armshaw to Thomas Taylor
Royal Hotel, Nether Hall, Wm Fellowes to Harriet Armitage
Charlotte tavern, Charlotte street, Andrew fairburn to Thos Gamwell
Birch road, Wm White to Wm Hibbert
Marquis of Waterford, Robert Clarke to Arthur Cragg
Ball Inn, Cricket road, Samuel Peat to Joseph Desforges
Reginald street, Alexander Townsend to Frederick Hudson
Duke street, Thomas Watson to Stephen Walker
Pheasant Inn, Bailey lane, John Abrahams to Wm Fellowes
Castle folds, Henry Schofield to henry Brookfield
Black Ball, Hollis Croft, Samuel Rhenshaw to Jno Mann
Howard street, Richard Beeshaw to Henry Sailor
Tinsley , Jno Fawcett to Caroline Nuttonn
Lord street, Park, Mary Elliott to Chas Elliott
Shakespeare, Gibraltar street, Jas Thomas to Jno Fearnley
Coach and Horses, Gibraltar street, chas West to Thomas Drabble
Chequers Inn, Meadow street, Sidney Stead to James Jepson
Star Inn, Gibraltar street, Alf Smith to Robert Clarke
Devonshire Arms, Eccleshall road, Charles Unwin to George Priest
Golden ball, Forge lane, Stephen Walker to Geo Topham
Union, silver street head, Hamilton Brears to Jno Dufferin
Black Swan, Pond street, Slingsby to Saml Slingsby
Britannia Tavern, Portobello, Wm Chas Butterill to Edward Fields
Blacksmiths Arms, Fulwood, John Townroe to Cornelius Hudson
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 5 April 1873
Burgess Inn, Whitlow Bridge, Sarah Revill to Jas Hepworth
Hallamshire House, Steel bank, William Keeling to Joseph Lineker
Angel Inn, Moorhead, executors of Mr Tomlinson to Wm John Church
Bay Horse, St Philips road, Henry Morton to John Makin
Birmingham Arms, Tenter street, Peter Dinning to John Hides
West Street tavern, West street, Barnet Cross to Wm Marples
Nelson Hotel, Union street, john Wm Kear to Wm Clayton
Barrel Inn, Water Lane, Charles Lowe to Fredk whitham
Ship Inn, Shalesmoor, Wm Ibbotson to Wm Pattinson
Wine Vaults, Fargate, Wm Jno Church to Charles Unwin
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 16 August 1873
36 Thomas Street, William hague to John Bailey
Dog and Gun, Trafalgar street, William Ibbotson to Julia Ann Cooper
Albion Street, H T Briggs to John Walker
Verdon street, Colton Appleby to George Harsley
Montford street, Sarah Emma Gregory to George Clarke
Crown Inn, Fornctt street, Joseph Sanderson to James Turner
Rising sun, Sorby street, Thomas Carter to William whitbread
Carlisle street, William Hunt to Elijah Toyne
Chapel street, Mary Cushworth to John Milns
Sportsmans Inn, Darnall road, Elizabeth Gray to Benjamin Mitchley
Victoria Arches, Saville street, John allen to Alfred Parkin
Infirmary road, Charles Wainwright to Charles Andrew
Great Gun, avill street, George Robinson to James Crawshaw
Bird in Hans, Broughton lane, John Crookes to Wm Hunt
Wheat Sheaf, Sims Croft, Richard dagnall to Wm Graves
Star, Orange Street, Elizabeth Payne to Wm Bramley
South street, Park, Richard Ford to John Ashmore
Norfolk Vaults, Broad lane, Ann Lindley to Charles Woodward
Bellevue Hotel, Fitzalan street, Albert Soutj to Joseph T Rishworth
Punchbowl, Crookes, Wm H Stevenson to John Wright
Station Inn, Harmer Lane, Ann Darwent to Albert Addey
Netherthorpe place, Thomas Norton to Henry Wilcox
Carters Rest, Matilda street, John Eaton to Joseph Schofield
Sorby street, James Marsden to Thomas Carter
Crown Inn, Blue Boy street, Walter Fletcher to John Lilliman
Blue Bell, High street, executors of Willaim to Olive Newbold
Atlas Inn, Saville street East, Thomas Dyson to Willington Denham
Queen Hote, Langsett road, Alfred Peat to Reuben peat
Bay Horse, Westbar Green, executors of Wm Shepherd to Ann Shepherd
White Hart, Church street, Attercliffe, Ann Liddall to Jos Bower
Ball Inn, Furnace Hill, Geo Hazard to Herbert Marshall
Royal Lyceum Hotel, Pond street, Henry Young to Sarah Richardson
Elephant Inn, Norfolk street, Reuben Peat to Wm Unwin
Golden Ball, Townhead street, Thomas Hitchin to William Emay
Barleycorn, Cambridge street, John Beaumont to David Sellars
Britannia tavern, Portobello, Edward Fields to Joseph Green
Fitzwilliam street, Henry Asquith
Old Gate, Hollis Croft, John Linaker
Seven Stars, Trippet lane, John Mann
Fox and Duck, Broad lane, Joseph Nicholson
Barrel, Pond street, Mary Greenough
Exchange Stores, Dean Lane, Henry Anderson
Star of Larmont, Hermitage street, Catherine Wainwright
Freedom House, Freedom Hill. Joseph Joel
Crown Inn, Forncett street, James Turner
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 11 ctober 1873
Princess Hotel, Apple Street, Wm Harrison to Wm Harrod
Bay Horse, South street, Moor, Charles Anthony to George Andrew
Rail, Scotland Street, Alfred Morton to Marie Greaves
Turf Tavern, Watson wlak, George Downing to Luke Higgins
Punch Bowl, Silver street head, J Bowden to Henry Platts
Wellington, Cambridge street, Simeon Dunk to Mary Ann Whiting
Seven Stars, Trippet lane, Henry Pashley to john Mann
Falcon, David Sellars to G Alsop
Cornish Inn, Cornish street, Thomas Ridge to Thomas Copley
Darnall, J Beaumont to G Gray
Dunlop street, G Mellor to Wm Leigh
Carlisle street East, George Waterall to H Sissons
Forncett road, Wm Harrod to John Robert Harros
Douglas Road, John Panison to Thomas Hill
Bramber street, Thomas Walker to T N Kellaway
Apple street, George Allsop to Wm Marlow
Bethel Walk, G Rowan to Wm Mettam
110 Lansdowne road, J Hallam to T Norriss
Eccleshall road, J Bownes to G Rowan
Rockingham street, D Hobbis to J W Tomlinson
South Street, Park, T Egglestone to J Hallam
Nottingham street, George Saville to G beet
Hollis Croft, John Mann to Wm Holland
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 22 November 1873
Grey Horse, Blast Lane, Elizabeth Dyson (late Hawkrigg) to Charles Booth
Midland Hotel, Brightside Lane, Edward Cripps to Thomas Canadine
Wellington Inn, Brightside Lane, Abraham Booth to John Rollitt
Atlas Inn, Sabille street east, John Smith to Charles Wright
Newmarket Hotel, Sheaf street, George Mottram to Henry Brookfield
Blue Pig, Spring street, Edward parkin to Edward Cripps
Birmingham Arms, Lambert street, John Hides to John Cavanagh
The Star, Gibraltar street, Robert Clarke to Leonard Holmes
Chester Castle, Eldon street, John Rollitt to Isaac Pemberton
Hare and Hounds, Trinity street, William Walker to James Wallace
Twelve o'Clock, Attercliffe road, to Charlotte Holding
Brown Cow, Wicker, to Mary Sanderson
West Street Tavern, West street, to JOhn Cooper
Royal Hotel, Waingate, to Henry Loxley
Darnall, Thomas Fox to Charles Fletcher
Dunlope street, Thomas Hil to Henry Flower
Carlisle street, Samuel Lower to John Cave
Polka street, James Upton to John Charlesworth
60 Bramber street, James Crisp to Sarah Ann Poole
70 Lansdowne road, Lacy Goodlad to Thomas Bird
Summerfield street, William Fellows to James Blakeley
Dene lane, Henry Anderson to Hugh Howard
Clarence street, John Cooper to Henry Lawton
New George street, Samuel Rowley to John Lee
10 Albion street, James Markham to James Walker
75 Talbot street, Henry Wood to Joshua Bownes
Allen street, Jeremiah Damms to William Henry Firth
Charles street, Joel Shepherd to Thomas Gatley
Arundel street, John Needham to Matthew Harrold
Union Lane, James Booth to Chas Hukin
Lower Fawcett street, Edwin Foulstone to Sydney Joseph Smith
Howard street, John Cavanagh to Luke Wright
West street, Joseph Uttley to Thomas Wreaks
Sheffield Evening Telegraph 29 July 1914
Wharncliffe Arms, West street, Sydney Greenfield to William parnell
Cossack, Howard street, John Young to James Unwin
Fox House, Shirland Lane, Mary Ann Stocks to Leonard Gingell
Falstaff, Wicker, William Arthur Day, deceased, to Mary Ellen Day
Red House, Solly street, Charles Wood to Arthur Fletcher
Burgoyne Arms, Langsett road, Sidney Swain to George Steer
Prince of Wales, Fawcett street, Henry Wright to Charles William Wall
Vine Hotel, Brunswick road, John William Greaves to Charles Ernest Spearing
Brown Cow, Wicker, Harry Duerdon to Joseph LongdenBell Hagg Tavern, Bell Hagg, Arthur Wellington Tarbrook to Jasper Watson
Ball, Crookes, Henry Beaumont, deceased, to Annie Beaumont
Travellers Rest, South street Moor, Willie Slater to William Lee
Chester Castle, Eldon street, Alfred Ernest Gosling to Richard Arthur Saywell
Barrel, Broad lane, Patrick James Downes to Matthew Rogers
Chandos Hotel, Rockingham street, James William Wingfield to Charles Edward Hobson
Cross Keys, Bower street, George William Osman to Joshua Gillatt
Bramwell Hotel, St Philips road, Benjamin Taylor to Joseph Arnold Carrington
Porter Cottage, Sharrow Vale road, John Henry Gillmore to John Young
Old Haigh Tree, Park Hill Lane, Elizabeth Collingham to George Lucas
+ beer off licenses
Sheffield Evening Telegraph 2 December 1914
#Bay Horse, Attercliffe Road, John Ridgley Walker to James Darlow Harrison
Ball, Bradfield road, Mary Ann Burkinshaw (deceased) to Richard James Snook
#Adelphi Hotel, Arundel Street, Tom Knaggs to Leonard Charles Tootell
#Carwood Hotel, Carlisle street east, William Wheatley to Joseph Adams Marsden
#Amberley Hotel, 2 Amberley street, Leonard Charles Tootell to Frederick Steel
Waggon and Horses, Gleadless road, Frederick Steel to Rhomas Henry Addis
New Brunswick, Allen street, Henry Hepplethwaite (deceased) to Joseph Edwin Stillings
Kings Head, Change Alley, Walter Mennigke to Louis de Banzie
Hammer and Pincers, Bents Green, Joseph Cooper (deceased) to Margaret Edith Cooper
Red Lion, Trippet Lane, Frank naylor to Thomas Sellers
Robin Hood, Ellesmere road, Joseph Adams Marsden to William Oxley
Royal George, Brightside Lane, Christopher Frederick Hill to James Patrick Devaney
Monument Tavern, Button Lane, William Henry Cooper to Amelia Cooper
Sheffield Evening Telegraph 27 January 1915
Hen and Chickens, CAstle Green, Arthur Jackson to George Morrison Pearce
Cannon Hotel, Castle street, Fred Evans Stones to Arthur Jackson
Rifle Corps Hoel, Carlisle street East, Thomas Spir to Patrick James Downs
Pump Tavern, South stret, Moor, Percy Crawshaw to Walter Colton
New Inn, Duke street, Park, Reginald Strange Haycock to Harry Price
Sportsmans Group, Penistone road, John Robert Harsley to William Robert Jones
Masons Arms, Chesterfield road, Mary Twivey to Edwin Arthur Walch
Westminster, High street, Thomas Albert William Hopcutt to Kathleen Doyle
Albion, Johnson street, John James Stones to John Thomas Measures
Old Crown Inn, 710 Penistone road, Benjamin Ibbotson to William Forshaw
Brown Cow, 68 The Wicker, Joseph Longden, deceased, to Jane Longden
Cambridge Hotel, Cambridge street, Bob White Dealtry to Owen Haslam
Tramway Hotel, London road (and billiards), Alice Deakin to John Bexon Barlow
Normanton Hotel, Grimesthorpe road (and billiards), Simeon Norton, deceased, to William Haigh
George Street Tavern, Cross Gilpin street, Henry Price to William Coulthard
Royal Standard, South street, Park, Reuben Chambers, deceased, to Eliza Chambers
Ostrich Inn, Mitchell street (and billiards), Charles Pickering to george Henry France
White Hart, St Philips road (and billiards), Charles Morris to William Colton Shepard
Albion Inn, Verdon street, Bernard Connolly to Elizabeth Collingham
Pheasant Inn, Worksop road, Sarah Ann Hudson to william Hudson
Norfolk Arms, 58 Westbar Green, James Murphy to James Davis
Economical Hotel, Eldon street, Michael Joseph Kelly, deceased, to Mary Kelly
Lord Edward, Scotland street,George sharman Bramall to Hedley Atkin
Sheaf Tavern, Effingham street, Annie McGann to Alfred Brett
Dusty Miller, carlisle street, William Bromley to Uriah Priestley
Albany Hotel, Gloucester street, George Martin Price to George Green
201,203 & 205 City road, Eda Eliza Grayson to Reginald Strange Haycock
+ beer of licences
Sheffield Evening Telegraph 16 June 1915
Ball Inn, Darnall road, Fred Crapper (deceased) to Frederick Adolph Crapper (son).
Harlequin Inn, Johnson street, Thomas William henry Lowth to George Wiliam Exton
Falcon Inn, Leicester Street, Edwin Perry to Mary Ann Perry
Corner Pin, Carlisle street east, Henry Gunby to Alfred Bradshaw
Victoria Hotel, Addy Street. Alfred Bradshaw to John William Bilborough
Royal Hotel, Finlay street, Reuben beard to Thomas henry Lenthall
393 Penstone road, William hebry Hudson to John Capel
84 Addy street, Lydia Dickinson to James Albert Dickinson
134 Porter street, James Henry Gardiner to Charles William Gavigan
20 Alfred road, Samuel Watkinson to Ernest Walker
Sheffield Evening Telegraph 27 October 1915
Rising Sun, Little common, Frederick Cockerham to Arthur Saul
Robin Hood, Duke street, Elizabeth Graves, deceased, to Edward Waller
#Neepsend Tavern, Neepsend Lane, Benjamin Phelps to Ernest Brookes
Lion, Wicker, Douglas McTaggart to Andrew Duncan
Bridge Inn, Nursery Street, Noah Goulding to Joseph Milner
Harrow, Harvest Lane, William Smales Straker to Jabez Perry
#Fox and Duck, Pitsmoor road, James Rodgers, deceased to Charles William Rodgers
Yorkshire Stingo, Division street, John Lodge to William Harry West
Lincoln Castle, Edward Street, Ernest Collier, deceased, to Amelia Collier
Foresters Arms, Eyre street, Frank Tummon to Joseph Colegreave Crookes
Kings Head, Attercliffe road, Frederick Willmot Astill to George Henry Cashmore
Victoria, St Philips road, Frederick Graham Scaife to Fred Spivey
Lord Nelson, Broad street, and billiards, Edward Waller to William Barber
Royal Hotel, Langsett Road, George Herring to Horatio Sanderson
New Inn, 10 Montford street, and billiards, Joseph Goddard to Noah Goulding
Bay Horse, Harworth street, and billiards, Arthur John Charles Simms to Austin Abbott
Municipal Inn, Burgoyne road, and billairds, William Goodison to Newman Booth
Lambpool Inn, Attercliffe common, Eliza Acaster to Joseph Ashmore
Dolphin, 76 & 78 Summer street, Charles Brearley to Arthur Ellis
White Horse, Shalesmoor , Lizzie Wilcock to George Frith
Stone House, 88 St Philips road, George Carnall to George Frederic Joseph Stewart
Greyhound, Pond street, Abiather Smitherman to Charles Cooke
#Broomhall House, Broomhall street, Sarah Ann Kirkby, deceased o Abiather Smitherman
Sheffield Evening Telegraph 23 February 1916
Ball Inn, Howard Street, Charles Robert Hartley, license refused due to previous disorderly conduct.
#Bath Hotel, Broomhall, renewed to Harry Birks
#Dove and rainbow, license passed to Mark Thorpe from Frederick hart
Medlock Arms, Clarence Street, Arthur Claydon
Clarence Hotel, Clarence Street, Mary Ann Chadwick
Norfolk Arms, Clarence Street, Frederick Thompson
Wharncliffe Arms, West Street, William parnell
#Crown And Anchor, Stanley Street, Benjamin Atkinson
Prospect House, Wentworth Street, renewed to John Marriott Hall,
Millhouse Hotel, Abbeydale Street, Henry Alfred Bowater, warned against supplying wounded soldiers with intoxicants
Grey Horse, High Street, Edward Bennett, warned against supplying wounded soldiers with intoxicants
Grey Horse, High Street, Edward bennett
Sheffield Evening Telegraph 8 January 1918
#Cock Inn, Oughtibridge, John William Bisby to John William Fletcher
#Blue Ball Inn, Wharncliffe, William Young, deceased to John W Bisby
43 High Street, Ecclesfield, George Allen to Leonard Eaton
Sheffield Evening Telegraph 25 June 1919
Elm Street public house, to Elizabeth Cutts
#Ball Inn, Upwell Street, to William Fletcher
Norfolk Hotel, South street, Park to Horace Lee
Salutation Inn, Attercliffe Common, to Isaac Howard
Doncaster Arms, Doncaster Street to Ada Wragg
112 - 114 Brunswick Roa, beer, spirit and wine off licence to Harry Holmes
2 Talbot road beer off license to Clara Ann Yeomans
51 Heeley Green, off licence to Ernest Skillington
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A remarkable update which will no doubt destroy a large chunk of my weekend. Many Thanks.

Where are you Ukelele Lady, there is data to consider !!!

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I will find you another bunch of newspaper license transfers in coming weeks. There are thousands available, and I am happy to share. Good site, by the way. I have been running the pub history site since 2003, and started covering just Essex.



ps Continuing to update Sheffield pub history pages with census details etc; and linking in the 1911 pub crawls.


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Oh Dear, this is taking a lot longer than anticipated, what with life and everything !

Here's the first page (data-wise) in alphabetical order. Checked against my data and against the A-Z (hence it's taking an age). Usual suspects - if you wish to update the A-Z, please fill yer boots !


Sheffield Independent 5 April 1856

Ball Inn Nether Hallam Joseph Pearson William Gill (bone scale cutter) Myrtle Road, Heeley, Pearson known 1854, extend to 1856; Gill known 1856 onwards

Ball Inn Duke Street, Park Daniel Camcy John Hanson Camcy unknown; Hanson known 1856, then Joseph Whitehead 1856 also

Black Boy Bailey Lane John Shaw Thomas Bowling (file maker) Shaw known 1854, extend to 1856; Boulding known 1856-59.

Cross Daggers Westbar Green Mary Madden Joseph Hawley Mary Maddock known 1849-1859, should be until 1856; Hawley known 1862-1876, back date Hawley to 1856

George and Dragon Westbar George Thompson Francis Poole (late of Hull) Thompson known 1854, extend to 1856; A-Z showing J Poole, easy transcription error in 1856

Peacock inn Hoyle Street Wm Dawtry Henry Short Dawtry known 1856, extends Short back to 1856

Queen inn Nether Hallam Wm Maxfield Wm Hubbard Maxfield known 1856, Hubbard unknown

Ring of Bells Pea Croft John Rhodes George Wilson (house painter) Er, neither person known

Rockingham arms Rockingham Street Mary Longden Samuel Cooper Both known 1856, Cooper earlier on A-Z

Royal Oak Hollis Croft Thomas Smith Joseph carnall (saw handle maker) Neither person known.

Stag Inn Nether Hallam Henry Chapman Greaves Armitage (anvil maker) Chapman known 1854, Greavs Armitage unknown, though Eliza Armitage known 1862

Three Tuns Silver Street Harry Teasdale James Darling Henry Teasdale known 1854 - went bonkers, James Hanby 1856, J Darling known 1859

Windsor Castle Silver Street Henry Birley Walter Exley (pork butcher) Birley known 1856, Exley unknown, transferred again 1857 Thomas Goulding to Joseph Parrot.

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Hi all,


Did anyone of you either worked or know anyone that worked at the steel works.

Did anyone know any yemeni steel worker at the time around the 1960s, one in particular who went by the nickname Fred, he use to go to the Alexander hotel pub on Carlisle 


Thank you

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