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LA CAPONINA Restaurant on London Rd / Abbeydale Road

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Evening all,

I am looking for information concerning an ex employee at the La Caponina Restaurant on London Road / Abbeydale Road back in the late 70s early 80s. Anyway, cutting a long story short, i was 16 when i went there to work and the head chef was an Italian called Nino Accordino who was a generally really nice guy. When i was sacked from the place Nino gave me his address of where he lived in Sicily, Italy and said that if ever i was going over i was to look him up. Needless to say that piece of paper with his address on it has long since vanished and now i am going to Sicily, typical!!. So, can anyone remember him or the owners Mick & Micheal or the other chef who was called David (i think)

Any information would be fantastic


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