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Medium/spiritualist Experiences

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Guest busy lizzy

Hi,has anyone been to see a medium or a Spiritualist church and had an interesting experience?

I went to Whitam road church and a medium told us that a family member was around us and she was the reason our light kept going faulty in the bedroom,she also described the bedding we had correctly!!She said the family member was looking over us and keeping us safe.It was a lovely reading and comforting to hear

I would love to hear of other members experiences good or bad

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History dude

At one time I would pore scorn on mediums, plus the idea of ghosts. As members will know from the Sheffield Ghosts thread. But recently I have been reading Michael Newton's Destiny of Souls, which has opened up the whole area to me again and so I think there could be more to the idea of ghosts.

My only concern really is medium's connected with religious orders. From my understanding and the new information gleamed from the book, there's no element connected with the afterlife of judgement or a concept of evil, so if that is involved in going to these churches then it's wrong.

But from the above story it doesn't seem to be the case. As for the family member ghost reason for hanging around, that according to Newton, is the main reason a ghost stays around, to help and comfort those it cared about. The other being some unresolved issue.

I think many mediums don't really understand the ability they have and have made their own judgements as to what the other "world" is like. There's not exactly a sort of Hogwarts School for them to attend on being a medium he he From what I can gather many get the "gift" from a relation, who tells them what to do, picking up false ideas on the spirit world. Derek Accorah being a good example of this!

Newton's book details thousands of case studies from people who tell the same story. It doesn't say a lot on ghosts, but it clears some details up on them. For example many seem to be sort of "inexperienced" spirit, which if you were lucky enough to see one on Earth, would look like a white thread. They are not trapped on Earth and they know they are not alive anymore.

They are also rare and not as common as some people believe.

What changed my mind on this subject is that Newton has looked at so many cases and they all report the same thing regardless of belief or background. And all those YouTube video's where people say they died a went to hell and or meet Jesus. All nonsense. In the 1000's of case studies done not one experienced anything like that.

It really makes you think there could be something in it. :mellow:

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A few years ago on a visit to Sheffield, I decided to see if I could find the family records in the church in Walkley where my siblings and I were christened. I made arrangements with the vicar to see the ledgers of christenings and deaths etc.. After perusing them for a while, I decided I needed a piece of paper to write on, when turning the pages of one of the dusty old ledgers, a plain piece of paper dropped out. Opening it up, it had my home address on from 1953, and christening information for my cousin who actually lived in the Attercliffe area.

On the same visit to Sheffield a few days later, I tried to look up my grandfather's grave. I had no idea where it was other than in Walkley cemetery, and next to a war grave. Looking around the vast area of very overgrown grave sites, I decided this was a mission impossible, so decided I'd check out the areas surrounding three of the many war graves, which, fortunately were easily identified because the grass and headstones were maintained by the war grave commission, If there was no success after this, I'd give up. Checking two, with no results, I saw a third one, way down one of the paths. A burst of sunshine streaming through the trees was highlighting this particular headstone, so off I went to check. Sure enough, next to the headstone was the grave I was looking for, and more surprisingly, the war grave belonged to our next door neighbour at the time, who had been killed during the war.

Spooky, but I guess someone was watching over me on that visit.

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History dude

The Newton book reckons guides are helping us most of the time, though they can't interfere with the cause of events. I once by mistake filled in one of those dodgy e-mails asking for details, because the site looked like the real thing. Sometime after I had done it I was plagued by a feeling of dread, which somehow lead me going back to that e-mail and checking it. To reveal what I had done! So I had to get a new bank card. Fortunately I stopped the old card before any money could be taken from my account. Was that feeling of dread placed in my mind by one of these guides?

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