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Centenary Bus

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First Buses have repainted 2 Sheffield Buses in historical liveries to celebrate the centenary of the city's motorbus service.

I saw one at Gleadless this lunch time, but I was driving and could not get a photo.

The liveries are 1913 and 1960

See this Flikr link


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I am rather looking forward to seeing these in the flesh. The pictures I have seen suggest they are superb recreations of old liveries. There is also going to be an open day on 12th May at Olive Grove Bus Depot, but I have no more details yet.

The 2 buses have been given specified diagrams on the 51 (subject to availability etc).

Sheffield Celebration Bus Workings.pdf

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Why is there an external hand rail on the top deck ?



I have wondered that, quite a few modern buses seem to have them.

Perhaps Madannie can tell us

Where is Busman when you you have a bus question

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Its not a handrail its a tree deflector, its to try and reduce the number of windows broke due to trees hitting them

There you go get the answer from the bloke who will know :)

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First seem to have found the correct shade of blue...unlike the Stagecoach tram where the colour was slightly "out".

Just a matter of opinion but don't they look a million times better than the anaemic colours First currently use.

Whatever, well done First!

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Peter Hall

Unfortunately commitments arranged some time ago mean that I will not be at the Open Day. A great pity as I am very interested to see which buses with a Sheffield connection make an appearance from their hiding places. I have though quickly drawn up a list of what I believe to be the surviving Sheffield (SJOC/STD) motor buses. Comments are welcomed.

Surviving Sheffield (SJOC/STD) buses


216 JWB 416 Leyland PS1 / Weymann

54 DWB 54H AEC Swift / Park Royal


116 OWE 116 AEC Regent III / Roe

687 RWB 87 Leyland PD2/12 / Weymann

525 1925 WA AEC Bridgemaster / Park Royal

1156 3156 WE Leyland PD2/30 / Roe

904 3904 WE Leyland PD3/1 / Roe

1330 6330 WJ AEC Regent V / Roe

874 7874 WJ AEC Regent V / Alexander

1357 657 BWB Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 / Park Royal

(227 – M120)

748 DWB 148H Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 / Park Royal roadshow bus

257 NWA 257K Daimler Fleetline /Alexander

271 OWE 271K Bristol VRT / East Lancs

287 SWB 287L Leyland Atlantean / Alexander open topper

296 UWA 296L Leyland Atlantean / Alexander

312 UWA 312L Leyland Atlantean / East Lancs

754 WWJ 754M Daimler Fleetline / Park Royal

Ordered by STD delivered to SYPTE

836 GNA 836N Daimler Fleetline / ECW

1515 OKW 515R Daimler Fleetline / MCW (DMS style)

1534 PWE 534R Daimler Fleetline / Alexander

Double-deckers cut down

3108 CWJ 410 AEC Regent / Weymann converted to tower wagon


4624 GWJ 724 AEC Regent / Sheffield converted to gritting/towing wagon


255 KWE 255 AEC Regent III / Roe converted to gritting/towing wagon


913 3913 WE Leyalnd PD3/1 / Roe converted to gritting/towing wagon

(M10) (OWJ 357A)

475 4475 WE Leyland PD3/1 / Roe converted to gritting/towing wagon

(M52) (OWJ 388A)

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Latest update on Sunday's event:


With a list of buses expected to attend and the free services being run:


Rather looking forward to seeing the two specially liveried buses in the flesh as well as some old Sheffield buses.

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Guest transit

Next Open Day ..... First Depot , Midland Road , Rotherham

Saturday May 10th , 2014

....celebrating 100 years of Rotherham buses and the 40th Anniversary of South Yorkshire PTE. :o


More updates closer to the event.

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  • 2 weeks later...

...my model of the the Sheffield "Tramway" heritage liveried bus no,1 ....


Another fantastic model, transit. It makes a fine pair with the 1960 liveried one, just like the full-size buses.

It must have taken a lot of time, skill and patience to create those models.

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Guest transit

Another fantastic model, transit. It makes a fine pair with the 1960 liveried one, just like the full-size buses.

It must have taken a lot of time, skill and patience to create those models.

Thanks Madannie77 , yes they took some doing but it was the only way to convert the Corgi casting as it is different to the Sheff spec buses.

....currently on with the Rotherham and Doncaster ones now !!

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No, I hadn't noticed that. I guess that must be the pre-war tram liveried one. It's also got a very nice fleet number 1 on the dash. I'm not sure if they painted it on or did it some modern vinyl way, but if it's painted whoever did it deserves a medal doing all that shading.

It's the 1960 liveried one which carries 3910 WE as seen here on 4th January this year in awful light.

The registration was first carried on Sheffield Transport 910, a 1959 built Leyland Titan PD3/1 which became a towing vehicle. The registration has also been carried by a coach.


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They changed the plate. It's got an 08 reg in the first photo.

Has anyone taken a picture of the other one, which in my opinion is a nicer livery?

I agree that this one is a nicer livery, and in my opinion the liveries on the two buses are, by a long distance, the best replica liveries in terms of application and attention to detail that I have ever seen.

11th May 2013:

A closer view of the fleetname

And the lining out on the rear of the bus. The diagonal lines on this shot are due to rain - a lot of my photography seems to be done in inclement weather!

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An extra touch of authenticity would be to have properly painted, rather than stuck on, adverts on the side upper panels. A friend of our family, Alan Collins, used to paint these adverts on Sheffield buses. I don't suppose there would be much call for his skill nowadays.

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