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I and others have been trying to stop Sheffield Council giving permission for Sheffield University to demolish a grade 2 listed building. The Council gave them permission on Monday.


Why is this important? If the demolition goes ahead it undermines listed status and allows demolition of our nations heritage. Please get as many people as you can to sign the petition below.


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For those that "do" please do whatever you do with Facebook to promote this, don't understand a word of it myself, Facebook that is.


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A special place in many, many Sheffield womens hearts ...a buidling well worth saving ..if we cannot trust in listed building status ...what is the point in granting it.

Thanks middle-sister.

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Signed, with the usual verbal ranting which happens whenever I come across the callous disregard for our heritage displayed by so many of those in "authority".

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Sheffield University is a significant contributor to the city's economy, both directly and indirectly. Unfortunately they sometimes use this to ride roughshod over restrictions and/or public opinion.

Many years ago I was in a Council office when a call came in reporting someone chopping down trees which were under preservation orders in one of the conservation areas. The officer concerned having taken the call said, "It's the University. They know we can't afford to take them to court so they go ahead and ignore any orders."

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Quoting from English Heritage

Listing is not a preservation order, preventing change. Listing is an identification stage where buildings are marked and celebrated as having exceptional architectural or historic special interest, before any planning stage which may decide a building's future. Listing does not freeze a building in time, it simply means that listed building consent must be applied for in order to make any changes to that building which might affect its special interest. Listed buildings can be altered, extended and sometimes even demolished within government planning guidance. The local authority uses listed building consent to make decisions that balance the site's historic significance against other issues such as its function, condition or viability.


Look here and see just how much of our heritage is under threat because it is not listed high enough. For any real chance of stopping the bulldozers through our heritage it has to be listed as ll* or above or as a scheduled monument.

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