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Pheasant At Sheffield Lane Top

Lyn 1

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On 02/07/2016 at 01:28, David Szpajer said:

sure did, when using the lathe he would have his hand over yours 


Remembering old Tabby, don't forget the light brush of the back of his hand against your 'whatsit' Dave as he marked your Work/Conduct book in the office.  All the lads knew of his 'eccentricities' and would be watching from a distance.  A loud cheer would go up rendering the victim bright red with embarrassment.

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On 6/30/2016 at 12:51, Fiddlestick said:

Did you find that 'Tabby' got a little too close and pressed against you when showing how to work a machine in the training shop?!

i knew mick and john very well,used to go out with john often and we were together at the cutlers hall when i met my wife and john went out with her pal

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10 hours ago, Reiver said:

I started at English Steel's Light Press in 1963 as a Probationary Apprentice where we worked as gofers and general dogsbodies for the Sheet Metal Workers.  The best job I ever had was when the manager, Jack Kersley, sent me, my mate Mick Ladlow and John Fearnley to whitewash the cricket screens at the Sport's Club.  The weather was glorious and boy did we spin that job out.  My mother and step-father virtually lived there in the late 70's. 

would i know you reiver ?

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Remember those two fat women who used to sweep the inside roadways ? They were known as 'The Horses' I think.

Don't know if I've already mentioned this somewhere, but in the Bar Mills someone had chalked on the side of a furnace  " Oh Lord above, send down a dove with wings as sharp as razors, to cut the throats of all the blokes who cut the Bar Mills wages." Witty lot back then....the  ' can't understand sarcasm' police would be down these days taking prints !

There was a large workshop dedicated to maintaining all the many clocks at ESC, they'd be out of a job now with modern clocks, you can pick up a decent wall clock in Wilkos for £2 these days, and yes, I know they're made by sweated labour in the Far East.......probably just down the road from where some of the ESC jobs and machinery went to ? Still, who needs a job-for-life apprenticeship with a good union, sports facilities, sick pay and the rest when these days grown men can get a zero-hours contract stacking shelves at Tesco's ( if the diversity quota system's not already got enough of that sweated labour that's packed up and moved here ).

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That should have read 'already got' , not 'not already got'.  It's all this modern terminology confusing my old brain....I wonder if old Tabby was 'gender neutral' , 'trans-gender'  or one of the other 20 or so gender categories they've come up with ? Anyone else waiting for someone to invent a time machine that goes backwards only ?

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On 14/07/2015 at 15:58, Lyn 1 said:

Update on the Pheasant. Metal railings have been taken down so the pub is vulnerable. The demolition request was made by QFM group who are here http://www.qfm-group.com/  


So KFC are still attempting to get permission to demolish on the grounds it is to dilapidated and uneconomical to refurbish but with a decision of 8th July 2015 and it was refused yet again. They have been trying for nearly two years now. 

Worrying they have taken down the security fencing such as it was.



Update.........March 2017  

Fencing secured a few weeks ago and planning permission etc has been given for the change to a drive-in KFC, restaurant and a Costa coffee. Supposed to be preserving the building. Time will tell.

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The earlier Pheasant Inn, Barnsley Road, Sheffield Lane Top. 



Pheasant Inn, No. 822 Barnsley Road, Sheffield Lane Top. 1973. 

Photographer: SCC City Engineer and Surveyors. 



Pheasant Inn, No. 822 Barnsley Road, Sheffield Lane Top. 19th November 2004. 


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