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Hanover Street


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Lots of homes and practises of local doctors around here; close to the Medical School, Royal Hospital, Jessops, not over far from the Royal Infirmary. Notice the un-metalled road. Do any of these houses survive, I wonder ?

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Guest plain talker

I think the steeple is from St Andrews Church of scotland which is stil there.

Nothing (IIRC) remains of the properties on the right hand side of the road.

the closer properties on the left, I believe are demolished, but, on the side of the church nearest to us, there are still a couple of properties still standing immediately next to the church one of which is some family support centre, (like National Childrens Home Or Barnardo's), the other half of the semi, immediately by the church was where a classmate of mine lived in the 1970s. ( these will be where the photo goes a bit faded in the centre)

The houses actually looked quite magnificent, and imposing, not "slummy" and run down. (well, Broomhall was a "good" district way back when) I imagine the houses would have "gone" when the dual carriageway was constructed. sad, sad... another bit of our heritage, gone under the wrecking ball. Thank you, the council!!

I use to go out with a lad, many moons ago, who lived in one of the terraced properties at the end of Upper hanover street, demolished early 1980s, where the Universsity built "the Information Commons" monstrosity. (what a carbuncle that is!)

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