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William de Fournyvall (Furnival).


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Petitioners: William de Fournyvall (Furnival).

Addressees: King.

Nature of request: [The petition is very badly faded and in parts illegible].Fournyval requests a suitable remedy as Roklay and others came armed to Sheffield and killed his parker and when he tried to attach them to do justice they have resisted him.

Places mentioned: Sheffield, [West Riding of Yorkshire].

People mentioned: Robert de Roklay; Richard Roklay; Roger Herkote, parker of the petitioner.

Date derivation: The petition dates to 1375 as the privy seal warrant with which it was formerly enclosed dates to 28 August 1375 [49 Edw. III] (C 81/442/30631).


You can download the image, for free, don't bother, it's illegible lol

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That William de Fournyvall sounds like a right busy body!

lol probably keeping his eye out for Chaucers bloke with a chicken-twizzler in his socks - of whatever it was !!!!!

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