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Ron Clayton

ukelele lady

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I do admire Ron for what he is doing in trying to get the remains

of the Sheffield Castle unearthed. I also find his items of interest which he has

printed in the Star.

I once saw him in the gathering when we had a tour around Ward's End Cemetery

but never got to speak to him. I see him most evenings when I am driving home

and I saw him in the Local Studies last week. I was just about to introduce myself

to him when someone came up to him for a natter.

This morning I waved to him again through the car window so if you are reading

this Ron, it's me . I'm the mad female who keeps smiling at you.

I'll catch up with you one day, maybe outside that pub where I see you. lol :ph34r:

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From Ron :)

I notice that Ron is pictured in todays STAR RETRO, along with 2 other major contributors / editors at the official launch of the STAR RETRO book last thursday night.

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I've seen said fella in question in/outside the New Barrack.

He obviously gets around but I see him outside another pub.

Why do we have this thing about pubs? We all must have something in common .

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WHAT, Ron can operate e-mail now !!!!! gadzooks.


He's written a few interesting books which would make last minute xmas presents.

He's got a new website here for anyone who doesn't know who Ron is and what he gets up to.

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