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Looks and Smiles - Sheffield Filming Locations

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Sheffield History



Filmed in Sheffield 1981

Thatcherism and the Irish troubles provide the backdrop for this study of Mick, a well-meaning youth in Sheffield, who has, unlike Dickens' Pip, no expectations. Mick lives with his parents, works on his motorbike, looks for work, and every two weeks gets his check from the dole.

There are no jobs. His best mate Alan joins the army to fix tanks and is sent to Belfast to quell Catholics. At a disco, Mick meets Karen, who works at a shoe shop and lives with her recently-separated mom. Karen misses her dad. She offers Mick emotional stability and a route to adulthood; Alan pitches the army. Does Mick have a future?

Director -  Ken Loach
Script - Barry Hines
Cast includes Tony PItts (pre Emmerdale), Roy Haywood, Graham Green, Carolyn Nicholson and even a guest appearance by ABC's Stephen Singleton in the crowd of the band gig at the Limit
Cinematography by Chris Menges (The Empire Strikes Back. The Killing Fields, Kes and more)

When the film premiered at the New York Film Festival, the New York Times gave a generally positive review but complained about the Sheffield dialect used in the film, saying "a great deal of the dialogue remains unintelligible to the American ear".

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