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"belmont" Or "belle Mount"

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Still after any information about Louis BEAUVOISIN 1785-1850. Especially where he was buried.  



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In 1821 Pigot's Directory showed him as a French teacher at 22 Bridge street, Manchester:


In 1822 he was asssessed for Poor Rates, living at 37 Princess Street, Manchester.

In 1828 he was a French teacher at 16 Clarence Street, Manchester:


In 1834 he was assessed for the Poor Rates, living in Wilson's Buildings, Clarence Street, Manchester (Princess St was off Clarence street)


Monsieur Beauvoisin's death was registered in quarter1 1850 in Ormskirk, but he was not buried at the Parich Church (C of E) - possibly he was buried at a Catholic church or returned to Sheffield?

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Wonder why he was assessed for poor rates.

Still trying to find his grave 

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