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Harry Epworth Allen


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Harry Epworth Allen deserves to be much better known in his home city.

Here's a photo of him at work and some of his paintings of Derbyshire.



"Derbyshire Walls". The only artwork by Harry Allen owned by the city. It was on display at the Graves until this year, no idea why it was removed.

The view is looking towards Foolow and Longstone Edge


"Burning Limestone", the view is Stoney Middleton


"Mayfield Valley in Winter"



"The Road to the Hills", unidentified location, but it has to be the Peak District. This one is on display in Derby Art Gallery.


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Just come across this…..what a remarkable man and his paintings evoke  the spirit of the places he painted. I am reminded of yet another Sheffield born artist…Arthur Lismer….who was a member of the Canadian Group of Seven .

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