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Anybody Remember Blanchards

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My first job was at Blanchards, in the cash office.  As a 14 year old it was all a bit frightening, no health and safety then.  I did the filing in the attic which was dark and spooky, was eventually promoted to the dizzy heights of putting change in the "tubes" and then to do the accounts.  Lunchtimes were spent in a room with holes in the floor.  Just wouldn't be allowed now.

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I remember Mum having Vouchers, to get some Tapton School Uniform for me from there. Had to get two buses there and back. It seemed quite a large shop, but I think it could be because it was spread out such a long way, it was quite an old fashioned style set up as well, but remember the staff being very polite to Mum.

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ukelele lady

There's an old picture on librarypictures  that is a bombed out shop on Infirmary road  that although it doesn't say it's Blanchards I'm pretty sure it is. The area now is the car park area . After it was bombed during the war it stood as a bomb site for years and we kids used to play on our own little adventure play ground.  The thing I remember most was the saying " let's play on bomb Blanchards."  The other part of course is still standing and still has it's name on the  building on the side in Albert Terrace Road..  We all went there for our Whisun clothes [ once a year rig out ] , my sister worked there after leaving school and I remember they all had to dress in black.


From  picturesheffield.

Infirmary Road 12-12-40.jpg

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