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Julia Bradbury - Tv Presenter

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This lass seems to be everywhere these days - recently became President of the Ramblers Association.

Educated at King Teds.


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I seem to remember in an interview she said she was expelled from King Ted's? Their loss!

Wonder what she did to get expelled from school.

Permenant expulsion is a long drawn out process and is never taken lightly. A number of legal stages have to be gone through and the school has to show it has done all it can. Also, another school has to be found to take the excluded student.

Due to this students only ever get expelled if either they have a long history of very poor disruptive behaviour, or theie behaviour on one occasion was so bad, - criminally bad, that would not be in the best interests of either the student or the school for them to continue there.

I must admit that this has not always been the case, but if Julia came under this system then either she must have been a very disruptive girl for a long time, or she must have done something against the law.

Somehow I can't see her being like that at all, she doesn't seem to be that sort of person.

Permenant exclusion (expulsion) is not the same as the lesser punishment of exclusion, - being kicked out for a day or two and then re-admitted by the school head and governing body with the students parents present which is more frequently used. Hence the media's love of the shock headline "record number of students excluded from schools". This does not mean they have been kicked out for good and told never to return.

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I can't find the interview, but I've probably got it wrong. What I have found is an interview in which she said she regretted not going to university, but was unhappy at school and left at the earliest opportunity at 16. I've another connected memory but as I can't pin it down I'll leave it at that.

Among other snippets I came across while searching is her role as a scout ambassador.

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Among other snippets I came across while searching is her role as a scout ambassador.

True, but non of us can work out what that is? Having said that she would be welcome to help out on a Troop night anytime she wants - along with The Duchess of Cambridge - or her sister :)
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Guest busy lizzy

Julia Bradbury is such a lovely lady.

I enjoy all her walking dvds,she obviously is a keen rambler and does not just do it for the show.

Been an adventurous walker myself it is great to watch her adventures in between my own!!

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