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Unidentified buildings and streets

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I'm flipping back and forth between these two photos on Picture Sheffield:



I agree they could be the same building, but then again they could also be different ones, it's hard to say.


Could anyone find the other picture which came with this [Middle Wood Hall] at the picturesheffield?

It is a view from the side which shows where the steps are like on the original photograph of

Middle Wood Hall.

Thinking about it I had my picture taken just there, will search for it.

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A top notch (modern) photograph of the side of the building facing the Race Track would be good right now ...

Palimpsest, yes, that's the fellow.

Hi Richard

Would this be connected with your request for a photo of Hillsborough Library? If so, that's Hillsborough Hall not Middlewood Hall. And the original porch at Hillsborough faced towards the lake. It disappeared when the extension was put on that side.

The photo is definitely not of Hillsborough Hall, it's too big.

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Re this Middlewood Hall question.

Obviously higher res pictures would be easier to work with but.

I've resized, suerimposed, plotted key points etc etc and have to come to the conclusion that, although remarkably similar in many respects, they are different buildings. There are some features which, even accounting for alterations, could not be from the same building.

A couple of notable differences are

The stone appears to be of a different size on each building, one having larger courses than the other.

The decorative (are they called pediments) round the centre of the buildings are wider apart on one than the other.

The relief stonework at the outer edges are not present on both pictures.

I disregarded the obvious difference in the roofs as I suppose it's possible (but unlikely) that this may have beed altered.

I draw this conclusion even allowing for different camera angles, differing perspective etc.

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