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Whilst reading about tramps ,it brought to mind of an lrishman l once met, when l was about 16 , our boss at that time was FRANK ASTLING, a very kind fellow , this chap had asked for a job, Frank asked what he did and the answer came "oim a foine layer of bricks sorr" me and the lads laughed, go on we'll give thee a try, said Frank, then the next "any chonce o a sub sorr" Frank refused but said if i'm satisfied wi what thas done at end of the day we'll see ,so up he jumps on the lorry the job was rebuilding a stone wall , next thing he wants to borrow a trowel , and got blank stares, he said stuff your tools , and proceeded to fashion something resembling a trowel out of a pile of old broken slate, he had 2 pieces ,he set too, and worked like a trojon ,we stood aghast as the wall went up very fast ,and very neat ,when the boss came he said ok, and asked how much he expected by way of a sub, oh the price of a few pints and a meal, he gave him 5 bob, he carried on the next day with his tools fresh out of hoch.l walked part way home with Patrick ,he was a very interesting man, he was staying at the Salvation Army doss house 1 shilling a night and a mug of tea, dont tell the boss l shall only be here the week, he was, Skeets

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