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Fantastic photo Skeets

But can skeets do a then and now, his 82 year old then shot is, presumably, in Sheffield and his now shot is likely to be "somewhere in France" as they say, so I bet he can't match the exact location, just like we can't with ours and deansgirl can't with his!

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So how about this for a skeets then & now

Then is 1927, Sheffield

Now is 1980, on the QE2 somewhere at sea

Hope you like it skeets

Thanks Dave that looks great i'll see l can find one of a struggling old decrepit namely skeets.

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Guest italy

Hi Italy, the Amazon site has books on the internet. The first in this list may suit you....internet for beginners. But if you want more advanced stuff, it's in there somewhere! Oh!....and welcome to Sheffield History. (if you have a particular problem, post it under General Chat and we'll help all we can.)



Thank you tsavo, I have done as you suggested and gone for the beginners book, may as well start at the bottom. Sorry for taking so long to reply.

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My Mother and Myself at 123 Harborough Avenue 1955, aged around 10 in my Whitsuntide clothes with the obligatory cap and 13 years later with our dog Russ taken in 1964, when I was 23 years old.

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