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1787 Victuallers

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Victualler Townhead Cross ? Almond

Victualler Blind Lane Roger Almond

Victualler Ponds George Alsop

Victualler High Street Widow Amory

Victualler Park John Ashmore

Victualler Truelove's Gutter George Barnsley

Victualler Coalpit Lane James Beard

Victualler Furnace Lane Samuel Beard

Victualler Hollis Croft John Beardshaw

Victualler Smithfield John Beely

Victualler Norfolk Street Jerimiah Beet

Victualler Back Lane Benjamin Bell

Victualler Copper Street Widow Bell

Victualler and Butcher Truelove's Gutter Isaac Birks

Victualler Burgess Street Abraham Birtles

Victualler Snig Hill John Bland

Victualler Silver Street George Bower

Victualler Top Of Silver Street Widow Bright

Victualler Bullstake Jonathan Broadhead

Victualler Campo Lane George Brookfield

Victualler Church Lane John Brookfield

Victualler Park John Broomhead

Victualler Park William Bulhouse

Victualler and Butcher Campo Lane William Calack

Victualler Far Gate Widow Cam

Victualler Far Gate Thomas Carr

Victualler China Square John Castle

Victualler Park Thomas Chaloner

Victualler Westbar Green Richard Coldwell

Victualler Hawley Croft William Colton

Victualler Carver Street Richard Conyers

Victualler Snighill Richard Cooper

Victualler Smithfield Widow Cornthwaite

Victualler Pond Lane Benjamin Crofts

Victualler Far Gate Henry Dam

Victualler Pond Lane Benjamin Darwin

Victualler Barkers Pool Daniel Derwent

Victualler Coal Pit Lane Thomas Dewsbury

Victualler Smithfield George Dore

Victualler Burgess Street Joseph Duckenfield

Victualler Bullstake Widow Ellis

Victualler Lambert Croft Joseph Epworth

Victualler West Bar Samuel Eyre

Victualler Pea Croft John Fenton

Victualler Hartshead Michael Fisher

Victualler Paradise Square John Forward

Victualler Coalpit Lane Samuel Fowler

Victualler Smithfield George Fox

Victualler High Street Widow Frankish

Victualler Bullstake Joseph Gaiking

Victualler Shude Hill John Gill

Victualler and Bricklayer Queen Street John Goodall

Victualler Westbar Widow Goodall

Victualler and Musician Paradise Square Samuel Goodlad

Victualler Colston Croft John Gray

Victualler Castle Fold William Gray

Victualler Holles Croft Edward Greaves

Victualler High Street John Greaves

Victualler West Bar Green John Green

Victualler Irish Cross Matthew Green

Victualler and Cook Paradise Square Samuel Green

Victualler Coalpit Lane John Hague

Victualler Park Thomas Hague

Victualler Burgess Street Thomas Hall

Victualler and Butcher Hartshead Thomas Hall

Victualler and Cutler Norfolk Street James Hallam

Victualler Bullstake Thomas Hardwick

Victualler Red Croft Abraham Harpham

Victualler Market Place Joseph Hartley

Victualler Truelove's Gutter John Hatfield

Victualler Spring Street John Hawke

Victualler Hawley Croft George Hawley

Victualler Grindle Gate Samuel Helifield

Victualler High Street Joseph Henson

Victualler Ratten Row Widow Heywood

Victualler China Square Peter Hinchcliffe

Victualler Far Gate John Holland

Victualler Coalpit Lane James Holt

Victualler Gibralter Widow Houlden

Victualler and Scissorsmith Blind Lane George Howson

Victualler and Scissorsmith Blind Lane Samuel Hoyland

Victualler Snig Hill Isaac Hydes

Victualler Park John Inglesby

Victualler Coalpit Lane Widow Jeeves

Victualler and Cutler Spring Street Paris Justice

Victualler Market Place Widow Kinder

Victualler Sheffield Moor John Kirkby

Victualler and Cutler Lambert Croft Samuel Kirkby

Victualler Castle Fold Charles Law

Victualler Church Lane Peter Law

Victualler Water Lane Robert Law

Victualler and Scissorsmith Queen Street George Lindley

Victualler Westbar Samuel Lister

Victualler Gregory Row John Longden

Victualler Hawley Croft Thomas Longden

Victualler Scotland Street George Ludlam

Victualler Pea Croft Widow Machon

Victualler Coalpit Lane Benjamin Mappin

Victualler Sheffield Moor Joseph Marsh

Victualler Campo Lane Thomas Marshall

Victualler Castle Green ? Mellor

Victualler China Square Widow Middleton

Victualler Smithfield Benjamin Moore

Victualler Ponds Thomas Mozley

Victualler Silver Street David Naylor

Victualler Bailey Field Benjamin Newton

Victualler Far Gate Paul Oates

Victualler Millsands William Oldgate

Victualler Far Gate John Oldham

Victualler Barker Pool John Osguthorpe

Victualler Carver Street Paul Pass

Victualler Park George Pearson

Victualler Barker Pool Widow Potter

Victualler Colston Croft William Potts

Victualler Church Lane John Ragg

Victualler High Street James Richardson

Victualler Pea Croft Jonathan Roberts

Victualler Pea Croft Robert Roebuck

Victualler Church Lane John Rofe

Victualler Westbar Green John Rogers

Victualler Westbar James Ronksley

Victualler Far Gate Benjamin Rowley

Victualler Gibralter Samuel Scott

Victualler Water Lane Joseph Sergeant

Victualler and Gardener Spring Street John Shaw

Victualler Pinston Lane John Sheldon

Victualler and Cutler Holles Croft John Shepherd

Victualler and Butcher Market Place Samuel Shepley

Victualler Castle Green Benjamin Shirt

Victualler Silver Street Samuel Shirt

Victualler High Street John Siddall

Victualler Brinsworth's Orchard George Smith

Victualler Campo Lane Thomas Sorsby

Victualler Campo Lane Wintington Sowter

Victualler Water Lane Widow Stacey

Victualler Lambert Croft William Staniforth

Victualler Far Gate Edward Steel

Victualler Far Gate Benjamin Sterndale

Victualler Spring Street Widow Suatt

Victualler and Cutler Holles Croft Matthew Swinden

Victualler and Cutler Scotland Street Thomas Tarbottom

Victualler and Musician Top Of Silver Street Joseph Taylor

Victualler and Cutler Pond Lane Paul Taylor

Victualler Coalpit Lane Margaret Teasdale

Victualler Arundel Street Thomas Teasdale

Victualler High Street Widow Thorpe

Victualler Hollis Croft William Towler

Victualler Sheffield Moor John Turner

Victualler Church Lane Widow Turner

Victualler Bottom Of White Croft Aaron Tyas

Victualler Westbar Green Alexander Vauce

Victualler Shude Hill Widow Wadsworth

Victualler Bailey Field John Wainwright

Victualler Scotland Street William Walker

Victualler and Scissorsmith Burgess Street Widow Ward

Victualler Truelove's Gutter Thomas Whitaker

Victualler Gibralter Stephen White

Victualler Scotland Street John Whitehead

Victualler Ratten Row John Wild

Victualler and Cutler Sims Croft Jonathan Wild

Victualler Top Of Silver Street David Wilson

Victualler Shude Hill Joseph Wilson

Victualler Shude Hill Joseph Wilson

Victualler Pea Croft William Wilson

Victualler Bottom Of Hawley Croft Widow Wing

Victualler Spring Street Widow Wooddall

Victualler Bullstake Thomas Wright

Victualler Brinsworth's Orchard Joseph Wroe

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