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Sheffield History

Josephines Nightclub Sheffield

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When I started going to night clubs with friends, aged around 16/17, in 1976/77, we pretty quickly discovered, there were three clubs worth paying to get in.

Turnups at Nether Edge was great during the week, largely because it was mostly local people, and there would always be people there that you knew.  It seemed a much more relaxed place because of that.

If you wanted a great night, listening to great music, you went to The Limit.  You could wear anything, even jeans, and it was about 30% cheaper than everywhere else.

But if you wanted to meet girls - the kind of girls we wanted to meet - girls you asked out on a date, you went to Josies.  I was hitting that place pretty hard on Fridays or Saturday nights for about three years, 1979, 80, 81.  I hated having to wear a suit and tie, and I really hated the cr@ppy disco music they played in there - years after disco music was as dead as a dodo, but that's what you had to do, and girls didn't dance to The Clash, or Elvis Costello.

I just don't recognise many of the comments and recollections above.  Maybe the gangsters and hookers came later?

From 1981, I was in a three year relationship, (met her in Josies), so stopped going.  I only went there another four or five times through the 80s.  By 1985, you could get in just wearing a shirt and trousers, but the shirt still had to have a collar.

Weirdly, we did go one more time, in around 2002 or 2003, on a night out in town, we decided to give it a try, for old times sake.  I can't say it had really changed in the previous 20 years.  It looked exactly the same, and they were still playing Michael Jackson and Bee Gees rubbish.

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