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Dora Bright - Composer and Musician

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This is a long shot but does anyone have any information on Dora Bright born at 375 Glossop Road 16/8/1862. She went to Highfield School in Wath and then to the Royal Academy of Music. I have created a 'full' catalogue of her works which amounts to a considerable number.

Anything at all would be useful. Particularly in anyone may have any of the music she did publish or any things else such as letters, etc. 

 Her father was Augustus Bright, a cutler and member of the Hallamshire Rifles and mother was Kate Pitt- Coveney an actress working at the Theatre Royal in 1860 and then again in 1867 onwards and all over the country.

Anything useful can be sent to me at debarchive@aol.com.



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Augustus Bright and Kate Pitt married on 22nd June 1861, as Kate was appearing in the Cardiff Theatre in "Extremes, or Men of the Day" a modern comedy.  Her debut had been at the Queen's Theatre in Manchester in May 1860, followed by six nights at each of the Theatres Royal in Warrington, Derby, Accrington and Hanley. In November 1860 Kate was at the Sheffield Theatre Royal - was this where she met Augustus?

Dora was born at Stanton Broom where Augustus had been lodging before his marriage - there's a thread on that here: 

Together with her father, she performed at the Surrey Street Music Hall in 1873 aged 11.  Here's an advert followed by a review of the Brights' contribution.



Captain Augustus Bright died suddenly on Monday 1st November 1880.  His cortege left his house Olinda Cottage, Ashdell Road, Broomhill with no muster of the Volunteers, as was the family wish, though 8 NCOs of the Rifles were pall bearers and marched alongside the hearse.  Augustus was buried in a family mausoleum at Hollow Meadows - his coffin was iron, covered with a violet cloth and flowers.  The service was conducted by Herr Stern, a member of the reformed Jewish congregation of Manchester.


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Thanks. I have the cd which is what set me the journey. Hope you have listened too. It's very good indeed.


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