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Arundel ex-servicemens club, November 1971

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Hello. I am wondering if anyone can throw light on this event at the club from 17th November, 1971?

It is a signed ticket from the event, with 5 signatures on the rear....sports stars, beauty queens, etc.....but I would like to know, please, if anyone, knows for definate, which stars,celebs were at this Beauty Pageant,Charity night and help perhaps define who all of the autographs, signatures are.

SAM_0210.jpg.759387ea8906a4e0031b90c1aeab7e3b.jpg Thankyou.

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It is not so much a case of the signatures I am after.

What my question is really, is,...Is there anyone who can throw light on this event?

Does anyone know anyone who was there? Does anyone know, for sure, just which particular Stars/celebrities attended?

I have done a google internet search, but so far, nothing is coming up in any archive related to that particular event...ie. a Star or a Morning Telegraph article, anything like that.

One or both of my Parents attended...and, obviously got the autographs, but my remaining parent cannot remember anything much at all about the event,despite having been there.

It was in 1971, so almost 50 years ago now.

I was just asking, in case anybody from the Club committee,membership may still be around and have any clearer memories of the event themselves.

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