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Now and then type films

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I'm in the process of scanning all my old pictures of Sheffield.


The plan it to do a now and then type youtube film,


however, I have a lot!!


I realised many of them are easy to replicate now using google maps (cheating I know), but possibly the difference of ever getting anything done!


If I reference google maps, do you think they allow it?

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Just now, boginspro said:

If it's not for profit and you credit Google I think you are OK but check here for the full terms.   ----


yeah looks ok.


I just don't want to spend hours doing a film then it be rejected,.


Obviously a direct screen will show it as google, but if I'm get get similar angles, I might have to tamper...

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Good luck with it, I look forward to seeing it, I really like then and now images, many areas of Sheffield have changed so much and so many times.

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