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Hackenthorpe Methodist Church

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Methodist Chapel was founded in 1830 on Main Street, Hackenthorpe, across the road from Hackenthorpe Hall and closed in 1961 to be replaced by a new church on Spa View Road. 

See http://churchdb.gukutils.org.uk/DBY1621.php for more details.  The 6" OS Map dated 1888 -- 1933 shows the location.


The picture below taken by me on a Kodak Box Camera is of a group of 6 early teenage boys on the steps of the chapel in c1960 (Back: Peter Beaumont, Tony Roper, ?, Front: Cliff Masters, Charlie Mills, Phil Masters). 


Shortly after this date a new church was built on Spa View Road.  The first sod was turned by a lady in the next picture (who I cannot name), along with church members and onlookers.  On the right of the picture can be seen Mrs Waterfield and her husband (only half of his face showing)  the Minister at the time the Rev E.J. Waterfield along with their young daughter. Another box camera picture.1141022840_FirstSodturnedforHackenthorpeMethodistNewChurchSpaViewRoadc1960.thumb.jpg.d81e8b69e25dbfdf5345df86ead873a9.jpg


2 stained glass windows were included in the church, the first was installed in 1895 in Surrey Street Methodist church (which closed in 1957) and is a memorial to Martha Wardlow.  I believe there is a copy of this in Sheffield Archives (Ref.MD 7924 1991/71)  but I have been unable to find this on the web.  There is a picture of the window on Flickr in an album called “Stained Glass” by Roger Perris.The second one is shown below: 


A group around the organ after Sunday Morning service.  Left to Right: Harold Weeder, David Webster, Rev E.J. Waterfield,  Norma Flower, Michael Boyles, Carol Oldfield, Ken Beaumont.


A group at Rev E.J. Waterfield’s “leaving do” c1962 in the Church Hall.


I cannot find a picture of the church between 1961 and 1992

The church for sale in 1993 h(from ttps://www.hpacde.org.uk/picturesheffield/jpgh_sheffield2/s31686.jpg)




The church was sold in 1994 and is now called Rother Valley Church.


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