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From The Moor and Charter Square to Cambridge Street and Barkers Pool

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Sheffield History



Sheffield is undergoing major redevelopment after a few false starts. It seems the biggest changes are all happening around Cambridge Street, Charter Square and John Lewis (although the department store seems set to stay where it is in Barkers Pool)

Have a watch of this and let's see what we're about to lose and what stood there before it








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One way , or another, Sheffield City Centre has been a building site since the 1950s which, I am told, is a good thing showing that it is moving with the times.

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This article appeared in the 1884 Sheffield & Rotherham Independent.  It trace`s the route taken by yourself along Cambridge Street or as it was in earlier times Coal Pit Lane.


Coal Pit Lane10.jpg

Coal Pit Lane 1.jpg

Coal Pit Lane 2.jpg

Coal Pit Lane 3.jpg

Coal Pit Lane 4.jpg

Coal Pit Lane 5.jpg

Coal Pit Lane 6.jpg

Coal Pit Lane 7.jpg

Coal Pit Lane 8.jpg

Coal Pit Lane 10.jpg

Coal Pit Lane11.jpg

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Sheffield History


This is why I love this website

You guys are the absolute greatest and never ever fail

Amazing work

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