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My name is Brian Hutchings and I live near Alfreton in Derbyshire. My interest in Sheffield at the moment concerns a surgical instrument manufacturer named W&H Hutchinson.

I should first point out I that the reason for my interest is that I do 1940’s re-enactments as a civilian doctor and I have a surgical post mortem set, parts of which are stamped with the name Hutchinson. Pictures of this can be found on the ‘Made in Sheffield’ forum.

The reason for the post mortem set is because in those days doctors performed post mortems on deceased patients to find out if their diagnosis and treatment was appropriate.

My first visits to Sheffield were many years ago to a laboratory to carry out analysis on steels for use in aircraft and then later, with a different company, to inspect the installation of road signs for the new tram system.

Other visits were made to research the delivery by traction engine of a large steam hammer anvil (or possibly a tilt hammer anvil) from Rotherham to the Butcher Brothers Philadelphia Works. This epic journey was well recorded in The Sheffield Daily Telegraph in 1863.

Since we have retired my wife and I have discovered the antique quarter, although we haven’t fully investigated all the shops yet.

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