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For My Sins

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I've been lumbered with the company mobile phones to look after. So, dull meeting with Orange for an hour and a half and setting up email etc on poncy smartphones before sending them out to the great unwashed (users).

So yesterday I entered all the appropriate details and the phone failed to work, tried a factory reset, applied all the appropriate updates; still failing.

Reached for a second phone, then a third, then a fourth, all reset, updated, details typed in with big, fat fingers and a tiny screen.

All to no avail, rang Orange, had further updates sent, restarted the multiple phones. It was suggested we change the SIM to another phone and use a known working SIM in one of the problem phones. Typed all the details in again, across multiple phones. Even the known working SIM now developed a different fault; stole another phone from a user nearby - nope, not working with email either, so I bade the Orange man goodbye, looks like the problem is with our Exchange server.

That'll be 40-45 times I typed the details in ... and the user name ??



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