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Our 'enry And My Cat

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Car, missing two days is back safe,

He looks like he's done a few rounds with Our 'Enry mind you. He;s five and a half and at prime fighting weight, but he had me worried by his absence - given other recent events in my life ...

"Conspicuous only by its absence" - one for Dave ...

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Guest plain talker

Cats are soddoes, Richard. (and not to mention, walking stomachs!)

One of my (3) cats has palled me out, and spends a lot of time over in the local old folks' home, especially at their meal times. the little beggar sits on the dining room windowsill, and tries to make himself look all pathetic-and-starved.

Of course, the little old ladies all feel so sorry for him, and they throw bits of their ham sandwich at him. He also likes to spend the night snuggled up on one of the old ladies' beds, (she adores him!)

It makes me look like such a neglectful owner! It's so embarrassing!

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