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Os Maps 1950

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It's a drawing I did in CorelDraw of a Minolta SRT 101

It's lost a bit in the coversion to bitmap.

Thank you, but we've already met on the forum. I'll leave you to look that up ;-)

Yes so we have, -

But it was that excellent drawing of the Minolta camera that threw me.

Having an interest in photography going back to my school days around 1967-8 I am resonably familiar with cameras from this era and they have a special appeal for me.

Minolta made their own optical glass so the Rokkor lens were their own. They eventually ended up supplying optical glass to Leitz in Germany for the Leica lenses.

The SRT 101 was inovative for its TTL metering which worked accurately at full apperture, regardless of which lens was fitted, and so always gave a very bright view in the finder.

A classic camera.

You could make a living producing drawings of all different makes and models of classic cameras.

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I had two of those and they lasted until digital cameras came out and as far as I know they still work. I also had a Minolta 7000, but it only lasted for a couple of dozen films or so, however, all the lenses work perfectly well with the Sony A390 body I bought.

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On map 21 showing Prospect Rd and Havelock bridge, could anybody tell me what the initials BM stand for I suspect the the Nos 237&239 ARE THE PROPERTY NUMBERS a friend of mine used to live there when she was a girl and shes sure it was once a pub as it had a large ballroom at the back but in all my books I cant find any referance of a pub being on that site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Numbers 2 & 4 Prospect Road, picturesheffield.

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