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  1. Edmund

    Becoming a city.

    In January 1893 the Council appointed a special committee to consider and report on the best means of celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Incorporation of Sheffield, and in February at a special meeting , resolved to petition the Queen to confer the title of City on the borough. A week later it was announced that the request had been made. The Borough Jubilee Committee, at its first meeting, requested 28 representatives of various public bodies to discuss the celebrations and the holding of an exhibition to show the rapid growth of local trades. The outcome of this was a counter pro
  2. Court 13 Watery Lane from an aerial photo taken in 1938. My forebears originated just out of shot of here. Amazing area; gone but not forgotten.
  3. lysandernovo

    Old Abandoned Sheffield Factory

    It's a refractory brick factory ( Dysons Refractories) in Stannington/ Loxley valley using the locally plentiful supply of fire clay and coal to manufacture special heat resisting bricks for the steel industry! Production ceased in 2012.
  4. Was William also a coal dealer? Simpson William, cowkeeper and coal dealer, New George Street. From White's directory, published 1862.
  5. Sheffield History

    Wheats Lane

    Wheats Lane features in this walk around the Paradise Square area
  6. Sheffield History

    WEST BAR - Sheffield City Centre

    Thank you very much! (I've split them up so Gimbal Walk is purely for abroad or UK, and Sheffield Videos is purely for Sheffield walks/drives/interviews etc) I've got a Bank Street walk coming up, and a Campo Lane and Paradise Square one coming real soon too!
  7. Has anyone answered the question of this thread, which one is taller? My guess is that Vulcan, as a pagan icon, was placed the highest. His Greek equivalent Hephaestus is carved on the arch of the Green Lane Works (with the goddess Athena on the other side). There’s also a couple of Mercury statues in city centre - one on the High Street (on top of the old Post Office building) and one on top of the Lyceum.
  8. I also joined Sheffield City Police, 3 Jan. 1961 and was posted to 3 Div, Whitworth Lane. When I was sworn in there were two other new constables, both of whom were former cadets. One of them was posted to B Div and the other, I think, to E Div. We all went to Pannal Ash together. Perhaps you are the B Div. officer ( whose father was a Sergeant). I won't use the name here for privacy purposes.
  9. anitamo

    Fitzalan Square

    I used to work.....mid 1960s at the Queens restaurant....underneath the Classic cinema. The restaurant's cold stores were down that lane.......one of them was for fruit and veg and the other one was where the game was hung until they were needed.
  10. Stunmon


    Thanks so much. Have been in touch with a guy I was at school with (many years ago) A Mick Ralston was his best friend but sadly has dementia. It seems that Reg and Peggy(Margaret Keesham) married and had Mick. Reg died from an illness in 1943 and then she married again to Metham. My parents must have met Reg and Peggie, possibly through the brother of Reg who was Bill, and Dorothy, his wife. I remember them when I was growing up. They had two daughters Valerie and Caroline. They may have all gone to the same church St.Patricks at Sheffield Lane Top. So, thats a bit of the fam
  11. Sheffield History

    Leppings Lane, Hillsborough

    Top photo of Leppings Lane is from 1905. The actual row of houses hasn't changed at all! The biggest difference is the loss of the chimneys in distance that belonged to Allen's Foundry
  12. BRIDGEHOUSES RAILWAY STATION Bridgehouses train station was the terminal station of the Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester Railway from its opening in 1845 until the opening of the Wicker Arches, a 660-yard (600 m) long viaduct across the Don Valley, which supported the new Sheffield Victoria opened on 15 September 1851. On 1 January 1847 a half-mile connecting line to the Wicker station of the Midland Railway had been constructed in order to increase goods traffic and enable wagon transfers. This short steeply graded line, enclosed within a tunnel for almost its entire length wa
  13. Sheffield History

    The Sheffield Railwayman's Club

    The film also shows the demolition of Bridgehouses Railway Station in Sheffield Bridgehouses railway station was the terminal station of the Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester Railway from its opening in 1845 until the opening of the Wicker Arches, a 660-yard (600 m) long viaduct across the Don Valley, which supported the new Sheffield Victoria opened on 15 September 1851. On 1 January 1847 a half-mile connecting line to the Wicker station of the Midland Railway had been constructed in order to increase goods traffic and enable wagon transfers. This short steeply graded line, enc
  14. Does anyone know what this building is/was on the corner of York Street and Campo Lane? Does it have a name?
  15. Sheffield History

    Wheats Lane

    Would not recommend the trip down this little lane. It seems it's an alleyway that the druggies have selected to use as their toilet so was easily the worst smelling place I've ever experienced. Not a great time walking down there. Anyway - this is Wheats Lane off Paradise Square. Thought you might appreciate the photos
  16. wendyplatts17@gmail.

    Black Cat on City Road

    Yes I used to go to the Black Cat Club. This is where the Beatles were booked to play, but after the booking they became so famous that the venue had to be changed to the Azena on White Lane. Fortunately I had a ticket. My only claim to fame is that I touch John Lennon. It was a fantastic show.
  17. I've just been researching my next project, the Prudential Assurance Building on Pinstone Street, for a year after it was built part of it was used as a Hotel, seems it was run by a Mr Bird, after a dispute with Prudential he left the building, I've found listings that he had the Howard Restaurant in 1901 but there is no address, he also had a Restaurant at 25 Chapel Walk, while living at 21 Joshua Road, hes also listed at 28 Pinstone Street, could be he opened up here after leaving the Prudential building also I`ve found a Joseph Bird a grocer & beer retailer, 39 Haywood rd could he be a
  18. Sheffield History

    Dixon Lane in Sheffield City Centre

    I passed Dixon Lane the other day. Safe to say this road has seen much better times. A shell of what it was.
  19. RichardS


    Heres Margaret on the 1939 register as a Nurse at the Crimicar Lane hospital, possibly married a Metham at some point looking at that.
  20. Voldy

    Haymarket in Sheffield City Centre

    This latest picture reveals a further clue for the year. The AEC Regent appears to be one of the 14 Weymann bodied buses which joined the fleet early in 1937,whilst the Cravens bodied Leyland TD4c in the other picture (crossing from Castle Street to Exchange Street) was new early in 1936. The presence of the flags and bunting suggests that this was close to the Coronation of King George VI in May 1937. The bus indicator seems to read 'Bents Green via Psalter Lane' , a shortened version of the Ringinglow route?
  21. A nice old family photo taken around 1922 outside the Kelvin Grove Hotel Sheffield. Photograph is showing a group of people including Charles Shinfield and his wife Beatrice Gwendoline Dykes who were the proprietors at the time. Apparently the pub was a "Gang pub" and maybe some of the people shown in the photo could have been associated with the infamous Mooney gang. Does anyone have any information on The Mooney gang or any of the gangs that might have frequented this pub? Could there be any truth that the pub was associated with the Mooney Gang? The Kelvin Grove Hot
  22. Ursa Minor

    The Road in the middle of the River? Help needed..

    I thought I'd read somewhere that the original Sheffield to Penistone Turnpike went on Clay Wheels Lane and Beeley Wood Lane and then crossed the river by the ford to join the new road just before the toll house. However I don't remember where I read it, But here's a snippet from the book "A Layman's Look at the History, Industry, People and Places of Oughtibridge, Worrall and Wharncliffe Side". by Doug Sanderson.
  23. lysandernovo

    Amazing photo of Firth Park in 1926..

    To add to the "geometric" features we also had a North Quadrant and a West Quadrant,.I spent most of my childhood living on Downham Road ...which is the road running parallel with Stubbin Lane ( which runs from left to right along the top of the photo via the circular roundabout at what we always knew as the "Terminus".)
  24. Across Tudor Street from the Lyceum is the Theater Royal, so in front of that must be the roof of the Adelphi pub at the corner of Sycamore Street and further up where Tudor Street becomes Tudor Lane and just before the archway on the left of Tudor Lane is Walker and Halls. Furthest left and just above centre you can just make out a bit of Eyre Street. To the left of the Town Hall is Cadman Lane but not easy to pick out. I hope I have things in the right place, it's a bit hard on the eyes.
  25. Interesting to also see the post office in the map posted by @madannie77 was the cream coloured house, across Shirecliffe Lane, in the bottom Image posted by @Sheffield History The building across from the end of Shirecliffe Lane, between the road fork of Pitsmoor Road and Burngreave Road is the toll bar, one of the places where the turnpike road was gated and a toll was payable to pass.
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