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  1. Another fantastic Sheffield Video! Watch video here 👉 SHEFFIELD TOUR | Campo Lane and Paradise Square | Sheffield walking tour
  2. Another fantastic Sheffield Video! Watch video here 👉 SHEFFIELD TOUR | Black Swan Walk : The SECRET hidden lane on Fargate you didn't know about!!
  3. John87

    ? pitmoor area

    Taken from the roof of St James House on Vicar Lane.
  4. Dr.M.H.B.Morton

    Hunters Bar School

    I attended Hunters Bar Infants' School from Jan 1947. There was an open coal fire in the classroom. After a few weeks it started to snow and I didn't attend for weeks. The Reception class teacher was Mrs Rawlinson(?); I missed much of the year, starting in January and then the school closed for the snow. Miss Needham was the head. I remember Miss Woolman and Miss Newton. In the main school I was taught by Miss Towle for two years in J1 and J2. In J3, we had Mr Jessop and Mr Flannery. The latter was an entertaining and genial teacher but later became the permanently angry MP for Hillsboroug
  5. Edmund

    EWSCC - What Cricket Club is that?

    John, Some information, but still not there yet... In September 1902 in the Heeley and District League, Ebenezer Reform v Saint Pauls at Norfolk Park. W.Morris batted well for the winners, scoring 38 not out. The score was Ebenezer Reform 73 St Pauls 63. Morris was playing for Ebenezer in June 1902. The church was on Brammall Lane, half a mile from Sellers Street. The clubs in the leagues had very short lives, often only a season. As Ebenezer were of the Wesleyan denomination, possibly EWSCC could be along the lines of Ebenezer Wesleyan School Cricket Club, though I've
  6. Hi Some further news. I have received the 1949 death certificate for John Rose (as identified by Edmund) and it is the correct one with more information. He died 22/10/1949 age 76 and his occupation as Licensee. Cause of death cardiac arrest and chronic bronchitis. Reported by his widow Alice Rose (nee Cheetham) and the address is the Wellington Inn, Westgate, Rotherham! So at least 20 years as a licensee. It was operational from 1909, a Bentley pub to start with and closed in 2011. It is now a Dance Studio and the pictures show a fine Edwardian building. I have not found any further
  7. Any ideas why Cockshutts Lane in Oughtibridge is sometimes referred to as Jossey Lane (maybe Jossy) ? On all the maps I can view, it is always shown as Cockshutts Lane.
  8. I have found 14 model railway wagons (though two are different makes of the same wagon) that appear to represent real wagons owned by Sheffield Companies. But did the real life wagons actually exists? Or where they made up rather like the Redgates Wagon made by Hornby (see Redgates thread). If each of the companies represented did exist, did they use railway wagons regardless of the model status? If the wagons were real, what date period are we talking for each? The companies: 1 Nunnery 2 Ketton Cement 3 General Refractories 4 Amoco 5 Longbottom &
  9. lysandernovo

    Royal Infirmary Hospital

    In an earlier review of Hospital requirements it was proposed to build a new hospital for the south of the City. 190 acres of land was acquired at Coal Aston under the Public Health Act of 1875 and, in a strange twist of fate, the proposed Sheffield Airport was then planned to be built there. By 1933 priorities had change...and the War intervened . Neither was built...the land being used for municipal housing. As an aside, the Northern General is a rambling "Ponderosa"...confusing to the occasional vistor and guaranteed to increase blood pressure if attempting to park a car!😉
  10. SteveHB

    Van driven by blind man !!!

    No tozzin, the Old Crown Inn and the smithey on Duke Street, stood north of High Street Lane, the Killsun building stands south of High Street Lane. c.1890 https://www.old-maps.co.uk/index.html#/Map/435973/387740/13/101329
  11. Dear Edmund and leksands, Some very good news. Obtained the marriage certificate of John Rose and Alice Cheetham 6th June 1936. This confirms that he is the grandfather of Mary. He is recorded as a Licensed Victualler of 107, Porter Street, Sheffield. In 1937 Ida Clixby (nee Rose) took over in this role and he and Alice moved to the Rivelin. As leksands identified there was also a John Rose, who during 1935, until May 1936, was licensee of the White Hart, Russell Street. This seems to fit all the dates covering the period 1927 to 1940. I will follow Edmund's suggested 1949 date for his
  12. John Cartwright

    Green Square, Charles Lane

    Thanks for that, The location is now at the right of the only remaining part of the lane. I have traced the route taken by the census taker in 1851 and there were 22 dwellings in Green Square with 124 residents. Considering that the area of the housing footprint was approx. 30x12 metres that gave a density of about 3 sq.m per person. Including the inner courtyard and the passageway at the side, the whole area was approx. 30 x 24 sq. metres, To put it in perspective 124 people were living in an area of about the size of a basketball court sharing what looks like on the map, a wash house
  13. SteveHB

    Green Square, Charles Lane

    Off Charles Lane, between Arundel Street and Eyre Lane.
  14. John Cartwright

    Green Square, Charles Lane

    I have traced an ancestor living at 2 Green Square, Charles Lane on the 1851 census. The nearest I can get following the route of the census is somewhere between Eyre Lane and Arundel Street. I've used the OS 25ins 1892-1914 map & the 1906 Insurance maps but the location is not identified and I'm assuming it was developed before these dates. Does anyone have any ideas?
  15. leksand

    Van driven by blind man !!!

    Can't find a picture that caught the logo unfortunately (off shot to left), though this is the ad on the right hand side of the same window as was in autumn 2009. The property was converted (although I think adapted may be a better term) to residential use around the middle of the last decade. I think this must have been when the boards were painted out, There's an American chap who lives there (presumably the owner) who decorates it quite extravagently at Christmas and holds a party in High Street Lane on the 4th of July.
  16. leksand

    Van driven by blind man !!!

    This building still bore the Kilsun Blinds logo (on the High Street Lane side) until quite recently. I think the board is still up but blacked out, though may be wrong. I have an idea that, if it is, the logo may still be just about discernable. I'll have a check through my older photos as there is a chance it could be in shot in some of my Park Hill or Duke St shots.
  17. Dear leksand Thank you for such a quick and useful reply and Mary was very appreciative when she read it. It is great to get John Rose back to 1927 at the Royal. Mary's dad, Ron, was there and we have postcards he received in 1930 and 1931. The information on the White Hart and the Rivilin helps also as covering the period 1935 to 1940. It appears there is a gap between late 1933 and for 1934. His third wife Elizabeth (nee Saxton, and Mary's grandmother) died in 1932 at the Royal, the death certificate identifying pulmonary tuberculosis and diabetes. She was cared for by her
  18. Hello Peter, I have a John Rose as licensee of the Royal Hotel, Eyre Lane/Earl Street from July 1927 to September 1933 when it was transferred to Cecil Hemmingway Clarke. In general the licensee would be at the premises with interim authority a little before the transfer to them and, similarly, have left a little before transfer to the successor. This, however, wouldn't normally be by more than a month or two, depending on when the transfer sessions fall. He appears as licensee at the Rivelin Tavern in July 1936 until May 1940. The Globe Inn, Porter Street was a beerhouse, hence
  19. John William Rose is my partner's grandfather and we are trying to obtain further information. From family material and the A-Z Index of Pubs John Rose was the licence of the Royal Hotel, 65, Earl Street in 1930 until 1936. We don't know whether he was there before this date. In the 1939 Register he is the licence of the Rivelin, Tofts Lane, but we do not know for how long.. His daughter Ida Clixby (nee Rose) was the licence of The Globe Tavern, 107, Porter St., in 1939. In the A-Z she is shown as being there 1937-1942 being a beer retailer only after 1938. The oub was bombed in
  20. History dude

    Shefffield Street Names

    I have a good one for you. Corker Bottoms Lane - Edmund Corker in 1685 (ACM S78) owned all the land around the area. The Lane slopes down to the bottoms of fields, hence the name.
  21. Edmund

    Shefffield Street Names

    Molly or Mally Wragg Lane - now called Brincliffe Edge Road. When Sir John Murray came down from Tullibardine Castle to live at Banner Cross Hall, he brought a number of servants - amongst them was Wragg and his wife. They were accommodated in the old Dove Houses (pulled down in 1908 to build Louth Road). Among the many offspring of the Wraggs was Mary (or Molly or Mally) who returned to Ecclesall after being in service and became a midwife, living in a small cottage at the top of Brincliffe Edge Road. She never married. The locals used her as a doctor, and whenever there was a need, t
  22. 360035

    Shefffield Street Names

    Has anyone ever come across Malley Rag Lane?
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