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  1. ukelele lady

    Son Of ... Pub Updates

    1830 Publicans Saddle , West Street. Benjamin Armitage. St Georges Tavern, Broad Lane. Joseph Shirtcliff St Ledger, 76 Pinstone Street.William Featherstone. Sampson & Lion [ The Lion ? ] Pea Croft. Martin Oliver Seven Stars, 74 Trippet Lane . Thomas Beet. Seven Stars, Shiregreen. Mary Oxspring. Shakespear , 18 Sycamore Street. William Hakes. Shakespear , Upper Heeley Martha Robinson. Sheaf Tavern , Park . John Thorp Sheffield Arms , 43 Meadow Street.Richard Alexander. Ship, Water Lane. William Faris. Sir F Burdett, Pond Hill.Richard Hartley. Sir John Falstaff, 59 Wicker.Wi
  2. ukelele lady

    Son Of ... Pub Updates

    1830 Publicans Q in the Corner , 9 Paradise Sq. Ann Sykes. Queen's Head , Campo Lane. John Fordham. Queen's Head , Attercliffe. John Smith. Queen's Head, 11 Sheaf Street. Sarah Taylor. Queen's Head, 13 Castle Street.William Travis Red Lion, 50 Duke Street. Joseph Belk. Red Lion, James Doughty, 8 Smithfield. Red Lion, 48 Coal Pit Lane. Daniel Kite Red Lion, 30 Hartshead. Isaac Marshall Red Lion, 33 Holly Street Joshua Perkington Red Lion 17 Charles Street . John Sanderson. Red Lion, Lower Heeley . John White Reuben's Head. 43 Burgess Street. Edward Stone. Rising Sun, Little Co
  3. ukelele lady

    Son Of ... Pub Updates

    1830 Publicans Brown Bear , Norfolk Street. George Whaley Brown Cow , 1 Radford Street.George Fearn Brown Cow, 1 Red Croft.Jonathan Gould Brown Cow , 1 Broad Lane. Hiram Lingerd Brown Cow, Bridgehouses.Martin Middlewood. Bull & Oak , Wicker.John Ashforth. Bull's Head, 36 Duke Street.Thomas Turton. Burn's Tavern, Townhead Street. John Cooke Burnt Tree, 40 Hoyle Street. Henry Clarke The Bush, Little Sheffield. Isaac Crookes. The Canning, Norris Fields. George Hardy The Castle , Snig Hill.William Holland The Chequers, 43 Coal Pit Lane.John Clay. The Chequers, Rough Bank, Park
  4. ukelele lady

    Son Of ... Pub Updates

    1830 Publicans Balloon , 21 Sycamore Street. William Baker Barleycorn , 53 Coal Pit Lane. Edward Middleton Barrack Tavern, Hillfoot. John Saynor. Barrel , Little Sheffield. Edward Allison Barrel , 23 Broad Lane. Mary Ashton Barrel , 5 Water Lane. Francis Chambers Barrel , 21 Pinstone Street. Luke Ellison. Barrel, Attercliffe. George Hobson Barrel, Edward Street. Matthew Lee Barrel , Bridgehouses.Joseph Pearson Barrel, 13 Pond Street.George Robinson Barrel, 112 Duke Street. Thomas Simpson. Barrel, Charles Street.Isaac Wardley Barrel, 26 Hawley Croft. Richard Wilson. Posted
  5. Edmund

    Jew Lane/Jehu Lane

    In November 1846 the Independent described a variety of street improvements, amongst them: "...gives power to the Commissioners to make the following new streets....5. Baker's hill to Pond street. But this includes a great deal more. Connected with it is the widening of all Jehu lane and about 100 yards of Pond street. The upper or western side of Jehu lane is to come down, so as to turn this narrow lane into a wide street. The new street begins with the Palace Inn and goes forward for about 100 yards, crossing Pond hill just above the end of Little Pond street. Here the widening of Pond
  6. Unitedite Returns

    Sheffield Coal Mines

    Most of the East Birley Pit site was cleared a long, long time ago, but some surface structures still remain. I think that what does remain was part of the former pit workshops and that it was also formerly used as the training unit for the "Bevan Boys", although I am not fully sure about that particular fact. Anyhow for years, it remained in the hands of a private company and I believe was a small engineering, or electrical works. The building still exists, although it now seems disused, but it is well protected by a high, stout, galvanised compound and so, may still be used for storage
  7. Edmund


    From the Independent August 28 1847: “In the case of the death of Joseph Finningley, caused by falling into the shaft of a coalpit, at Crosspool, the property of Mr. W. Spooner, it should have been stated that the property is in the occupation of a tenant named Gosney, who removed his working tools only the day before the inquest, and who was under a contract to keep up the fences.” William Gosney had a coal pit at Clough Fields (near Delf House) in 1844 and was the victim of a theft of coal from his pit-hill. There was another Joseph Finningley living at Crosspool – he also was not
  8. Edmund

    Seldom Seen Engine House

    From the Independent February 27 1864: Accident at Plumbley New Colliery, Mosbro''—On Tuesday, a mishap occurred at Plumbley New Colliery, belonging to Mr. Rhodes, of Beighton. The pit is about half a mile from the engine-house, and the coal is brought from the mouth of the pit by a truck, which holds nine corves and a barrel of water, up an incline plane by means of a stout steel rope. At noon, a truck, laden as above, was being brought up, and had almost reached ite destination, when the engine-tenter (only about a week employed) gave the rope a check, which snapped it in two. The t
  9. There you go Neil pick the bones out of this, the piece is out of copyright but thanks go to Eric Youle for the transcription...... From the Church to Shales Moor coming from the Church, the first place of note was the old Town Hall, built in the year 1700. It stood at the South East Corner of the Church Yard. It was built of Stone for the use of the Town. The Sessions was held here, and the Magistrates used to do all their business in it. There was Steps went up on each Side the door on the North Side into the Hall, also a flight of Steps facing up Church Lane for the Magistrates and
  10. Good picture link though History Dude. That section of the Manor estate shown on Queen Mary Road is older than I thought at 1929, - but it is the section which has recently been demolished and cleared so that those concentric oval roads centred around Fairleigh are no longer complete. Good view of the old pit spoil on Coal Pit lane.
  11. vox

    Building On Cambridge St

    This by email from Ron Clayton. Andy, I've come across this stone before and been wary of flagging it up in case it 'walks'. Daft I know but it ought to go somewhere safe before Sevenstone starts up.Coal Pit Lane[Cambridge St]had a house in the C17th with the crossed daggers [Cutlers Company] and a door lintel with the initials LJS. There is a drawing by W. Topham [1877 showing a Cutlers House with a different sort of stone above the doorway - its not a million miles away from the location of the one in question. I think someone has said that it could indicate the owner had been m
  12. No photo but this is the estate agent details. September 1916 Sale including a Freehold Property Property of William Cockayne Esquire Deceased Sold by Auction Messrs Nicholson Barber and Hastings. Sheffield Estate Auction Mart 2 High Street Sheffield Lucas and Lucas Solicitors, Church Street Chambers Sheffield Lot 2 Lees House, Norton Lees Substantially built and well arranged Freehold Family Residence with Extensive grounds, Tennis Lawn and Carriage Drive, together with the Stabling and Loose Boxes, Coach and Motor Houses, Harness Room (with harness cupboard and sliding gl
  13. ukelele lady

    Pub Updates

    The Victoria Hotel 146 Carlisle Road, New Grimesthorpe 1871 Charles brown 1876 George Hinchcliffe 1887, 88, 89, 90, 93, 95, 96, 98, George Smith 1903, 17, Herbert Smith The Wellington Tavern , Coal Pit Lane / Cambridge Street 1825 Elias Short , Castle Folds .--------Could this be interpreted as the one below 1829, 39, 59, Elias Shirt 1863, 64, John Martin 1868 Sarah Taylor 1876, 79, 83, 88, 89, 90, 95, 96, Amos Crossley 1887 , Loisa Peace 1898, 90 Samuel Horne 1902, 03, Sam Home 1905, Fred Storey.
  14. ukelele lady

    Pub Updates

    The Union 12 Bridgehouses 1829 Samuel Lockwood 1833 William Bacon 1841 John Stenton 1856 G Baxter 1859, 63, 64, 65, 68, 76, Daniel Hinchliffe 1879 Joseph Hargreaves 1883 Frederick Langley The Union 2 Coal Pit Lane & 1 Division Street 1829 William Axe 1839 , 41, Ann Lomas 1849 Mat Osbourne 1856, 59, E McQuhae 1862 Arthur Scott 1863 Edward Goodall 1864 , G Back 1865 J Bradley 1868 Job Bradley 1871 William Roper
  15. ukelele lady

    Pub Updates

    The Swan Hotel , 2 Snig Hill Same as Black Swan , 2 Snig Hill same keeper in first years eg: Samuel Crich The Stanley Street Tavern Stanley Street 1833 Henry Blackwell The Sportsman 26 Coal Pit Lane / Cambridge Street 1839 William Newbould 1849 , 59, 62, J Wilson 1863 Elizabeth Wilson 1864 Francis Bower 1865 W Clark 1868 W G Marshall 1876 John Harrison 1879 Arthur Blagden 1883, 87, Mrs Emily Darley 1888, 89,
  16. ukelele lady

    Pub Updates

    The Red Lion Lower Heeley 1829 , 34, 41, John White The Red Lion 653 London Road. Me thinks this is the continuation of the same pub [same keepers ] 1859 ,64, 65, John Smith 1868 Charles Coggan 1876, 79, 83, Mrs Emily Coggan 1887,88, 89, 93, 95, 96, Hawley Bowler 1898 , 1902, William Shaw 1903, 07, Henry Harwood 1910, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, Leonard E Thompson The Red Lion 52 Coal Pit Lane / 52
  17. ukelele lady

    Coal Pit Lane

    Yes more or less but still you've got Coal Pit Lane much further down ? But then again, in those days I suppose everything was more spread out and not as congested as today.
  18. Wellington (existing data), Coal Pit Lane, Elias Shirt. SS8 68/141 Pages 69 and 70 appear to have a problem. That's me lot for today, 11 postings - taken all day to find/post. Somebody please remind me why I/we do this ... Added to A-Z
  19. George Taylor, 17 Coal Pit Lane Hone ?? Definitely says Hone - in between Hide and Hop alphabetically.
  20. Street scavenging appears to be but imperfectly applied at Sheffield. The streets are partially swept before the shops are open in the morning; consequently, when these are to be cleaned out, the sweepings which are thrown upon the streets remain all day long, to be trodden into a thick greasy crust. Of this we had ocular demonstrations during our long perambulations of almost every street and road in the town. That some scavenage is actually performed, we are convinced, as we get near one of the four great deposit heaps of the Corporation. Proceeding down Victoria Road past the Cattle Mark
  21. Stuart0742

    Pubs Thread - Christmas 2010 Update

    Pubs Y Name Ye Old Cart and Horse Address 2 Wortley Road, High Green Earliest 1951. Closed Comments Name Ye Old English Samson Address 1 Duke Street, Park, S2 Earliest 1881. Closed Comments 1881. Thomas Bramhall Name Yellow Ball Address Nether Hallam Earliest 1820. Closed Comments 1822. Joseph Parks Name Yellow Lion Address 1 Coal Pit Lane Earliest 1736. Closed Comments became Cambridge Arms, now Cambridge Street 1822. Elizabeth Shaw 1823. Elizabeth Shaw 1824. Elizabeth Shaw 1825. Elizabeth Shaw 1826. Elizabeth Shaw 1827. Elizabeth Shaw 18
  22. Stuart0742

    Pubs Thread - Christmas 2010 Update

    Pubs W Name Waggon and Horses Address 13 Arundel Street Earliest 1820. Closed Comments 1821. John Appleyard 1822. John Appleyard 1823. John Appleyard 1824. John Appleyard 1825. John Appleyard Name Waggon and Horses Address Mill Houses Earliest 1822. Closed Still open Comments James Smith residence 1825 : Moat House on the River Sheaf 1822. James Smith 1823. James Smith 1824. James Smith 1825. James Smith (Woodman for Ecclesall Woods) 1845. My. Smith 1854. William Smith 1855. William Smith 1856. William Smith 1857. William Smith 1861. William Smith 1862. Willia
  23. Stuart0742

    Pubs Thread - Christmas 2010 Update

    S Pubs Name Saddle/New Saddle Address 96 West Street Earliest 1825. Closed 1992. Comments re-opened near original site Saddle Wine Bar 1993 1825. Benjamin Armitage 1826. Benjamin Armitage 1827. Benjamin Armitage 1828. Benjamin Armitage 1829. Benjamin Armitage 1830. Benjamin Armitage 1831. Benjamin Armitage 1832. Benjamin Armitage 1833. Benjamin Armitage 1834. Benjamin Armitage 1835. Benjamin Armitage 1836. Benjamin Armitage 1837. Benjamin Armitage 1838. Benjamin Armitage 1839. Benjamin Armitage 1840. Benjamin Armitage 1841. Benjamin Armitage 1842. Benjamin Armitage 184
  24. Stuart0742

    Pubs Thread - Christmas 2010 Update

    R Pubs Name R & R Bar Address 13 London Road Earliest Closed Still open Comments Name Raby's Inn Address 16 Westbar Earliest 1862. Closed Comments 1862. Joseph Raby Name Raglan Inn Address Arundel Street Earliest 1881. Closed Comments 1881. Charles Parker Name Raglan Inn Address Meadow Street Earliest Closed Comments Name Railway Address 31 Wicker Earliest 1833. Closed 1900. Comments 1845. Joseph Stones (37 Wicker) 1846. Joseph Stones 1847. Joseph Stones 1848. Joseph Stones 1849. Joseph Stones 1854. Mrs Jane Johnston 186
  25. Stuart0742

    Pubs Thread - Christmas 2010 Update

    O Pubs Name Odd Fellow's Arms Address 25 Silver Street Earliest 1833. Closed 1893. Comments 1833. David White Name Odd Fellow's Arms Address 19 Cross Burgess Street Earliest 1837. Closed Comments 1837. Joseph Wragg Name Odd Fellow's Arms Address 38 Pitt Street Earliest 1839. Closed Comments 1839. John Schofield 1845. John Barker 1846. John Barker 1847. John Barker 1849. D Oscroft 1852. Stephen Bentley 1854. Ezra Watson Name Odd Fellow's Arms Address 202 Duke Street, Park Earliest 1856. Closed Comments 1856. Frederick Rotherham 1857. Fred
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