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  2. Correct junction of Bedford Street and Penistone Road, Weeds shop next door.
  3. Recently added to PictureSheffield - I believe it is the Don Inn: PictureSheffield link: image t11243
  4. William Stones Ltd, registered on The Stock Exchange 31 July 1895.
  5. That's cleared that up, thanks Edmund.
  6. Hello folks, My latest podcast is about covers bands and Bee Gees fans at Baileys, in the summer of 1978. Link here - http://smarturl.it/MyLifeInTheMosh Enjoy. Dodger
  7. The brewer was Stones: The Cannon Brewery was originally in Acorn Street, see map below. Stones put in a claim after the 1864 Sheffield Flood: In 1827 Green and Hatfield were brewing at the Neepsend (Burton Road) Brewery, by 1862 they were Shepherd and Hatfield, in 1865 Henry Strouts (originally an East Kent hop family) and Thomas Harryman purchased the brewery - then run as Strouts and Harryman, later Strouts, Harryman and Waterman, but when Charles Waterman left the name reverted to Strouts and Co. Strouts amalgamated with Tennants in 1918. By 1965 the Burton Road buildings were used partly by Stones as garage premises, and partly by Turton Brothers and Matthews as their Magnet Works. In 1867 Stones built the Rutland Road brewery, across the road from the Neepsend / Burton Road Brewery, taking the established Cannon Brewery name for it. The Acorn Street site was disposed of by early 1868.
  8. Last week
  9. According to the site linked to below Green & Hatfield were the first to brew at Cannon Brewery in 1838 and William Stones acquired the brewery in 1912. But Wikipedia says Stones purchased the lease of the Neepsend Brewery in 1868 and renamed it the Cannon Brewery. Does the newspaper advertisement mention the brewers name in 1897 please Edmund . https://www.bcd-urbex.com/stones-cannon-brewery-sheffield/ EDIT It looks like the linked site is not correct because Picture Sheffield has an image labelled "Annual horse parade of William Stones Ltd., Cannon Brewery, Date: 09/06/1902"
  10. The earliest reference to Cannon Ales I've been able to find in the newspapers is December 1897, and they were referred to as "celebrated" so probably were available before then. The advert states "in cask, bottles and on draught".
  11. Thank you DWSSC, I have copied and transferred the image.
  12. Does anyone know when Canon Ale made by Stones was first brewed? I have googled around but nothing...
  13. If l may ask something slightly.off line has anyone any info ss to their Ww2 activities? A good friend of ours had the newsagents on Barber Road about no.36 or 38.l think.from at least 1930.on. About 1936 he moved to Scarborough as as hotelier. All.was well till.someone thoughtlessly dropped a bomb on it followed shortly by an instruction (Direction of Labour Regulations) to return at once back to Cravens in his trade as a jig and tool maker.which he did till 1946. The Ministry obviously found him after several.years and conveniently his mother still lived opposiite the works. He was remarkably reticent about what he did and rather oddly only ever would admit to making ta fixtures for the Westland Lysander, hardly a fighting machine. So please can anyone tell me what did go.on in the war? Was it buses still or what? Anything top secret? Somebody will.know
  14. Thanks Peter that should be a welcome improvement.
  15. Many thanks for the comments on the maps we have been uploading to Picture Sheffield recently. The City Archives and Local Studies Library has a wonderful collection comprising thousands of maps dating from the 16th century onwards. We are trying to give the collection a higher profile and make it available to as many people as possible. The maps are scanned at exactly the same resolution as the photographs. The difference however comes from the need to compress very large maps down to a size where they fit on a computer screen. In the light of recent comments however we have reviewed how we process the map images. The zoomed image is now larger and presented in a higher quality format. Hopefully this allows you to see more detail without slowing down the performance of Picture Sheffield. We are currently working our way through all of the map images on Picture Sheffield to improve them. The series prefixed ‘arc’ is complete. The other main set of maps (prefixed ‘y’) should be complete within a few weeks. As well as viewing the maps on Picture Sheffield the originals remain available at the City Archives and at the Local Studies Library in the Central Library should you wish to consult them. We welcome everyone who wishes to use the service in person or online. If you have any further comments or suggestions feel free to contact me via archives@sheffield.gov.uk Peter Evans, Archives and Heritage Manager
  16. The trough was located on the corner where Brookhouse Hill becomes Whiteley Lane, Fulwood.
  17. The most mysterious place I can think of is the Town Hall. Nobody in Sheffield has a clue what goes off in that building, even and especially those that work there It's even weirder the effect it has on Sheffield too
  18. No 19 was rescued by the Manor and Castle Development trust. It was being used as an architect office last time I went past, but that was a few years ago. It was known locally as the Sweet Factory as it was used at one time as precisely that.
  19. Here are the old houses that were behind that trough, Unfortunately it is not a very wide view, I think this photo' was taken in the late 60's or early 70's. The houses and the well that fed that trough are shown on 1850's maps standing all on their own, no other houses on the road.
  20. Brookhouse Hill where/what area? Location please.
  21. Hi Athy, I also had a Brownie 127 - you could take ghost pistures with it by holding it very still, taking a frame with x2 people in it, removing x1 person and taking another frame before winding on. I had some ghost pictures which were taken in Gleadless Church yard, I've no idea what happened to them or the 127! Bob Nutton and I have started a Gleadless Primary School page in the school section of the forum. Bob mentions mentions Mr Fulford because when we were at Gleadless PS, he used to come and take our pictures. Unfortunately there were never any class photos taken. I bet his darkroom was a treat? Things were beginning to change in film processing around the mid-60's, but I bet Mr Fulford was old school? Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  22. You can see where they have straightened the wall to get shut of the well, with the stone work that doesn't match the rest of the wall, on the Brookhouse Hill one. The rest of the surroundings don't seem to have changed much apart from the road not being mud any more. How many comparison pictures can you say that of? Could that be the same hedge I wonder?
  23. Brookhouse Hill trough location then and now (Google Earth)
  24. Now there's a name from my past. Mr. Fulford (Christian name forgotten) lived on the other side of Gleadless Avenue from us, on the corner of, er, would it be Gleadless Drive? Dad used to get his films developed and printed there until he got a colour-slide Voigtlander camera - but by then I was the proud owner of a Kodak Brownie 127 and I used to take my (eight-exposure) films over to Mr. Fulford. I remember him showing me the dark room, and a whacking great wheel thing which, I think, put the gloss of the finished photos.
  25. I lived up the road from here a long time ago and vaguely remember the area. I think the well up by the old houses must have fed the trough at the position shown on the Google image by pipe. The trough was at the side of the road as shown on your maps before the road was straightened. The water then ran under the road into the old allotments. I think the original picture could be the other side of the road in earlier times but have some doubts because it appears to be looking up hill and I thought it was downhill all along that side of the road (or was there as slight mound before the downhill?). The original picture reminds me of a place on Rivelin Valley Road where water ran out of the woods a bit closer to Malin Bridge.
  26. A few wells/troughs in the Walkley Bank area, not intended to be an answer just a possibility. Google street: https://goo.gl/maps/FjctKqPnKVn8KTGe7 Side by side map https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=18&lat=53.3941&lon=-1.5131&layers=6&right=BingHyb Circa 1903.
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