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  2. This one is after the building of the New Inn but it shows the lines of the old buildings. New map with old overlay. On the NLS site you can use the slider bottom left to alter the opacity of the overlay. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=18&lat=53.3500&lon=-1.4283&layers=168&b=1
  3. Hi Steve, Thanks for the clip. Jack was a neigbour of a friend of mine and I remember him training around Gleadless in the mid 60's. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  4. 1854 /5 has Hare and Hounds Inn. https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/Map/437830/383758/10/100391
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  6. I have lived on gleadless Avenue for the past three years! Our neighbor has said there used to be an old inn at the bottom of our garden... called The Inn... which was then demolished to build the New Inn on hollinsend road? He states the pathway behind the pub is old original lane down to the old Inn and he has the old stone wall left in his garden. Has anyone got any further info!!? I can only find an odd building on a early 1900's map but it dosnt state what the building is. And any other history of our road would be lovely! Thankyou!
  7. I used N.L.S. georeferenced maps to make my guess as to the location. I had the idea that the stream on the old map may be in the bottom of the valley on the photo'. I couldn't find anything conclusive though and of course if it is that location could it be facing the other way?
  8. Map that shows the 'now missing' part of Camping Lane. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=16&lat=53.3438&lon=-1.4887&layers=6&right=BingHyb
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  10. I think this must be part of Camping Lane that has now gone. Looking at old and modern maps my best guess as to the modern location is near the bottom of Periwood Lane. I am probably miles off so would anyone knowing the area and contours of the land have a better idea. I think there was a stream in the valley bottom, I wonder if that is still open? EDIT - I have just found it on Picture Sheffield, "Date Period:1900-1919" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303159027009?ul_noapp=true
  11. Does anybody remember Jack Warhurst from Gleadless winning the Star Walk? It was probably the mid to late 60's. Wazzie Worrall
  12. I've just had a look in my 1954 Kelly's Directory. The house holder for No. 81 Ridgehill Ave is shown as Ernest Hibbert - Boot repairer. Wazzie Worrall
  13. Hi. I've a memory that there was a brick built toilet block at the bottom of the park near to the Hollisend Rd/Gleadless Primary School enterance, does anybody else have a memory of these toilets? Wazzie Worrall
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  15. Hello no spoons for me again today. Not all bad though. What do you think? The blades on these scissors are about 3 inches long. We see the "I.XL" mark clearly. On the the other side of the blade pivot area is a less clear mark that I believe says that the scissors are chromium plated.I supose dating the scissors is difficult, but they may well be from the same period as "SteveHB's" Kelly directories ad. Kalfred
  16. Hi Paul, could be my memory, I stand corrected if so!
  17. Hi Paul, Yes, that's me. Remember some epic bike trips, especially to Ford on many occasions. My friends at the time were Robert Pratt ( lived on Seagrave Road) David Frost , Peter Robinson ( both lived near me on Seagrave Crescent) amongst others. I think Robert Thorpe lived at Gleadless Townend. Cheers, Bob Nutton
  18. Hi, I remember the old man and Carol his granddaughter, because we lived just a few doors down on the other side at No. 64. My brother and I shared the front bedroom and if the window was open you would hear his two sticks rattling on the path as he made his way back from the Hollin Bush, I think pubs shut at 10:00pm in those days, maybe 10:30 on Saturday? We never knew how he lost his leg. I think Carol's family name was Christan, but I don't think that was the old man's family name. Wazzie Worrall
  19. Hi Athy, Wasn't that teacher called Mr Ireson, he was the deputy head, when he left Mr Dyson took over his role? There was also a Mr Cook while I was there, he later became an Education lecturer at Totley College. The other teachers I remember are Miss Grandage, Mrs Marshall, Miss Melcalf and Miss Parkin. Miss Parkin left when I was in about J.3 and moved to the West Country. The caretaker was Mr Lancaster, his grandson - Rob was a good mate of mine at Hurlfield. When Mr Lancaster retired, Mr Stothard took over. The caretaker always lived in the first house on the left hand side of Ridgehill Ave. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  20. Hi Arif, That's a lovely picture of the park. It's taken from the path which leads from the entrance at the side of Gleadless Church, the opposite side of Ridgeway Road to the Graves Trust Houses and shops. It's interesting that you mention that Mr Spur was killed on Hollisend Rd. I heard that he was killed in a car crash around 1964. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  21. Hi again Bob, I also heard that Mr Spur was killed in a car crash, I would say around 1964 when I was at Hurlfield. However I got a posting from another member who said that Mr Spur was knocked down and killed on Hollinsend Rd. I also have a vague memory of of being told that Mr Spur was involved in an earlier road accident. Mr Dyson had a daughter called Jane who went to High Storrs from 1963-70. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  22. Hi Bob, Are you Robert Nutton, who then went on to high Storrs? If yes, I remember you we went out on bikes together a couple of time, Graves Park/Coal Aston - Ford? There was also a Robert Pratt and Robert Thorpe in Mr Dyson's class. Cheers, Paul 'Wazzie' Worrall
  23. I recently mistakenly " Upvoted" on my own post, I have now removed it and reacted to the post that it was intended for. I don't know what anyone else thinks but I would have thought perhaps it should not be possible to like / upvote your own post?
  24. Thanks Edmund , I just couldn't figure out where one could be on that photo'.
  25. The Teachers Training College was in the Montgomery Hall and is not in fact visible on the postcard, it's hidden by the Town Hall. The Montgomery Hall was built by the Sheffield Sunday School Union and they ran the college. The first Teacher Training College had been set up by the London Sunday School Union in 1871, In its first term October 1900 - September 1901 89 pupils were entered for the examinations at the Sheffield College. William Slack of 31 Cavendish Street was the Hon. Secretary of the college. The students studied: Course A - Principles and Art of Teaching Course B - The Bible: Its Structure and Characteristics (Old Testament) Course C - The Bible: Its Structure and Characteristics (New Testament) Course D - Christian Evidences Course E - Scripture, history and doctrine
  26. This postcard on Ebay is labelled "Pinstone Street and Town Hall and Teachers College." I have never come across this college before so my question is where is the teachers college on this photo' , and does anyone have information about the place? Also do I see a push bike and sidecar or is it something else? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133044192085?ul_noapp=true
  27. Dear Richard

    I am from the Pettitt family lineage and would love to see the photo you have listed of

    Pettitt. L.A.S. Sapper R.E. Derbyshire Courier. Sheffield Independent War Album


    Kind regards




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