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  1. Colinsfoot

    In: WOODSEATS SHEFFIELD - A walk through the centre of Woodseats in Sheffield England (filmed in 4K)

    By Colinsfoot, 29/07/20

    The Chantrey cinema used to be where The Voice is now and you're correct that the Woodseats Palace was on the site of the present Wetherspoons. Just past there where Woodseats Infants school starts is an alley that leads up to The Dale and on the corner of the alley and Chesterfield Road was a small bakery that used to sell "penny loaves" which were exactly that. At the junction of Chesterfield Road and Woodseats Road just past the school was a shop that used to sell toy soldiers. The tiny models were made from lead and were about 2" high. He had then all lined up in battle formation in the window on the Woodseats road side. There were of course 2WW as it was only 10 years in the past but also had Knights, Cowboys and Indians, Roundheads & Cavaliers, etc. On The Dale opposite the rear gates of the Junior school was a farm track that used to lead into Barbers Fields, a huge area of grass and scrubland that was the most perfect place for lads to play their war games on...until they stuck the Frazer Road estate on it.  :angry:

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