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Sheffield Blitz 12-13Th And 15-16Th December 1940

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Sub-Lieutenant Geoffrey Gledhill Turner

Sub-Lieutenant (later Commander) Turner was a member of the RNVR.

Sub-Lieutenant Tuner was called to deal with many unexploded mines in the early part of the Blitz. One fell near the LMS Station at Sheffield, closing the station.

On 21 December 1940 another fell in the wool factory, Great Howard Street, Liverpool and was partly suspended by its parachute, with its nose on the ground floor and the bomb-fuse hidden. Great case had to be taken in the handling of this mine which weighed nearly a ton. Sub-Lieutenant was successful in removing the fuses of both these mines before they could explode.


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The Sheffield Blitz took place over the nights of 12th and 15th of December 1940, this year being the 70th anniversary. Do you remember those nights? Does your mother/father? Do your g

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Do any of the OS maps show evidence of the Blitz ? Like holes where there should be buildings ? Might be nice to see links to maps to enhance these recollections.

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