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Crich - Postcard & Photograph Search Facility

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Sorry if anyone has posted this before but the Crich Tramway Museum has avast stock of photographs and postcards well worth a visit.


EDIT (madannie77)

The photo collection is at http://www.tramway.co.uk/our-collections/85/tramway-photo-library

and the postcard collection at http://www.tramway.co.uk/our-collections/82/tramway-postcard-library

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Loads of relay good shots of streets/buildings and areas in Sheffield, just put Sheffield in the photograph search bar.

I am not relay a tram fanatic, and that seems strange as my grandfather worked on them.

Thanks for that Dunsbyowl.

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My Mums former home is now one of the exhibits at Crich.

When she was evacuated from London in WW2 she was sent to a farm just outside Darley Dale nr Matlock. The home was an old Chesterfield Tram that had been cut in two and the top half fixed next to the bottom half to form a bungalow type building.

She was there for a couple of years - her whole family then moved from London to Matlock where she met and married my dad.

She kept in touch with the farm family who eventually built a proper house there and the old tram/house fell into disrepair.

A few years ago we heard that Crich Musuem had aquired the old tram and were restoring it. When it was finished I took Mum along but on that day it was not being used and was in the shed. I explained the situation to one of the guys there and from that moment on they treated Mum like royalty - I felt so good for her. They took her to see the tram, now fully restored and insisted that she sit down and tell them as much as she could remember about living in the tram.

They showed her photos of the farm which she had never seen including the family she stayed with, so there were a few tears. A truly memorable day

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The Photograph Search Facility is now to be found at


and Postcards at


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