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Dave Milner

Minerva Tavern

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Guest bluebottle

I saw McCloskeys at the Black Swan - a change from their usual venues - late sixties or early seventies. The then pub manager, Terry Steeples, was already nervous and went purple when one song finished with the line "When you're a young man, you've got..." (pause) <removed> ALL!" Rather Avant Guard in (relatively) polite company for those days. Not sure if they played any more gigs at the Mucky Duck, though...

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On 08/04/2007 at 19:12, Sheffield History said:

Tell us more about 'mccluskeys apocalpyse' - sounds interesting !

Wow - McCloskeys', wasn't it? Remember Melody Maker posted a notice for one of their gigs at The Minerva saying 'it sounds like a rave' (this must've been around 71/72)...... saw them all over the place in Sheffield including The Weston Park gig, The Broadfield on Abbeydale Road, The Bull & Mouth on Lady's Bridge - that was some gig - and some venue!! 

At The Minerva one Friday night Mr.Higgins mentioned the then new album (1971) by Shape of The Rain -  'Riley, Riley, Wood & Waggett' - and the possible enlarging of the hole in the middle of the record so it could be re-titled 'Riley, Riley, Wood and W*nkett' Great days Eddie, great days. Wasn't Mike, McCloskey's bass player, always known as 'Stan' for some reason?

One of the stand-outs of McCloskey's live set was their rendition of The Who's cover of Mose Allison's 'Young Man Blues' with amended lyrics like -

"And a young man ain't got nothin' in the world these days
I said a young man got nothin' in the world these days

he ain't even got - a packet of Woodbines

he ain't even got - a  bogroll

I said he ain't got nothin'!
he got - [lengthy pause] sweet f**k-all!

which always brought the house down

Remember Acid too, (with Andy Taylor on lead guitar), and Red Dirt, Nothineverappens - all Uni perennials. Patto and Hookfoot at the Uni too for a free day event.

There's a Youtube post for 'Long Time Gone' by CS&N which simply says "I wish some one would take me back 50 years and drop me off there...."    Nuff said


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