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spooky stories

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Guest Trefcon

hi there

i will get back to you with those stories tommorow.

lots to tell though about the weird spooky happenings that went on!

see you soon donna

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Definitely !

We love a good scary story on here !!

Looking forward to the stories, Admin you are Welcoming these newbies and asking them the "Standard SheffieldHistory.co.uk question" aren't you ? ...... "Do you have a picture of the exterior of Redgates, showing the shop sign ?"

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Sheffield History

To be honest my resolve isn't as steely as yours and I've almost resigned myself to failure on that one !


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Guest Trefcon

hi everybody

well here goes with the spooky stories.

there are quite a few to tell but one that is spooky is when i was looking after an old lady in a nursing home and she kept insisting that i had been in her room during the night and not spoken to her, now me and this old lady got on really well and i would spend quite abit of time with her but i definately did not do nights. anyway this went on for quite some time with her getting really upset because i had been in her room and even though she spoke to me i did not answer. we ended up moving the old lady out of that room as she was getting really upset and the next person we put in there also said the same but i looked younger!

when all this eventually came out because i was getting accused of being in peoples rooms in the middle of the night so we had to sort it, it turned out that the nursing home was built on an old orphanage site and it was little girl who was apparantly the double of me that was haunting the home!

how scary that i look like a ghost! suppose the only resemblance was the blonde hair but it was enough to spook the old folks.

we did not put anybody else in the room while i was there. the room number was 12a cause we did not have a room 13


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