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Edmund Kean


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On my last stay in London, I was at the Strand Palce Hotel, it was hot and no air-conditioning, the windows were H, S & E open - so, I retired to a Pub or two. Most were awful, but The Coal Hole, Strand was to my taste; and, after a life-threatening quantity of strong beer, I was happy.

The bar downstairs is called Edmunds, supposedly after Edmund Kean, the actor. He was not a good friend of Mcreadie (that would be Mcreadie Junior, from our Theaters thread) (various spellings for the surname).

Kean died in 1833, was ill from 1828 onwards, so, next time I'm London bound, I'll be having a word and a bucketful with the Landlady, who said the place was built in 1890's - The Wolves Club sounded fun, mind you ...

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